Looking For A Quick Course To Heighten Your Spiritual Gifts?

Are you an Empath or Highly Sensitive Person? See the Protection Techniques Course to discern your energies from others.

Ready to Enhance your Spiritual Senses? Grab the Clairs Course!

Wondering about using Oracle Cards, Pendulum or Automatic Writing? Grab the Channeling Course. 

Want to meet your Guides & Guardian Angel? Meet them in the Spirit Guide Meditations!

Do you see orbs or flashes of Light? The Angels are communicating with you! Check out the Archangel Master Class to enhance your Angelic Skills.

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Are you an Empath? Do you feel others' emotions as your own? Are you overwhelmed in crowds? Then the Protection Course is for you!

Protection assists you to discern your energies from others. Protection acts like Boundaries to know what is "yours" & what is "theirs". It assists with decreasing anxiousness & worry as you center within your own essence.

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Wonder who your Guardian Angel is? Curious about your Guides? Grab this series to meet & receive messages from your Main Guide, Joy Guide, Dr. Guide, & Guardian Angel.

Meet members of your Spirit Team with these 4 guided meditation journeys. Each allows for your Spiritual Senses to sense the Spiritual Realm more readily.

Enjoy the workbook to further process your experience.

Meet Your Spirit Guides!
Spirit Guides included in VIP!


Do you get premonitions? Do you “just know” when something is going to happen??
Then this 8 module course is for you to Enhance your Psychic Skills!

Learn how to increase your awareness & verify the Psychic hits you receive.
Heighten your skills of Telepathy, of reading others’ minds & Learn about Psychometry.

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Ready to amplify your Intuition?

Do you get Intuitive Hits & act upon them (or not & find out later you probably should have)? Do you have an understanding of using Intuitive Tools, yet not sure if you’re utilizing them correctly?

Then the Channeling Course is for you!

In this course: Learn Channeling modalities such as Oracle Cards, Pendulum & Automatic Writing. Learn how to decipher Self from Your Intuition. Learn how to use your Clairsentience to tap into messages for others. 

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Ready to connect with Spirit?

The Clairs are our Spiritual Senses. Have you heard whispers, footsteps or your ears ringing? You are Clairaudient! Have you had vivid dreams, seen orbs or Spirit forms, or visions of the future? You are Clairvoyant!

Everyone has different Clairs to communicate with spirit. This course allows you to enhance your Spiritual Senses at a profound level & Connect with Spirit on a daily basis. 

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Have you had Intuitive Hits or have "just known" something was going to happen? Do your ears ring, do you hear whispers, or "bumps in the night?" Have you seen orbs, flashes, shadows, or had lucid dreaming? Have you felt a touch on your arm, a tug at your hair, or wind on your face from no known physical source? Do you feel the emotions or medical conditions of others?

If you answered "Yes" to any of these questions, then you have Spiritual Gifts which can be enhanced! Spirit is waiting for you with wisdom & messages. Grab the Part 1 Mediumship class and join me in the Enlightening Mediumship & Intuitive Class!

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Your Guardian Angel & Archangels are waiting for you. Through the Masterclass, connect with your Guardian Angel & Archangels to gain Access to the Higher Realms.

Enjoy the Archangel Activations to Channel Archangels Michael, Haniel, & Zadkiel.

These Archangels are wanting to assist you to step more fully into Joy, Love, Letting Go, Abundance, Success & Dreams Coming True!

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I absolutely adore Heather & her high vibe sunshine energy! I am currently a part of her VIP group & Loving all the courses I have access to. Heather is a very strong & gifted teacher. I recently took one of her Reiki classes online & loved it! I’m looking forward to delving in to her courses even further because it’s so much fun! Thank you, Heather. My heart is filled with gratitude!


Anita Elliott
VIP, Spiritual Advising, Reiki Courses

I first encountered Heather after joining the Facebook group, Heighten Your Spiritual Connection. In our first conversation, she was able to point out many things that I had been thinking/ feeling/ struggling & that no one had ever brought up to me after years of seeking help, not only Spiritually but in my mental health. I was not in a great place when we first met, but she guided me along my Spiritual path & taught me many things about Spirit & myself that filled my life with so much hope, love, & light. She taught me about my Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience, Clairempathy, & Channeling. She helped me to advance my skills to better my life & use them to communicate with Spirit, help others & manifest my own abundance & joy in life. I am so grateful for Heather & her work. It has changed my life for the better & I hope to be able to continue to practice with her for years to come.


Lexi Hopson-White
VIP, Spiritual Advising

Heather is a fantastic teacher & mentor. She has such an incredible & soothing Energy. I found her during dark days & she has brought nothing but light. I am richer for knowing her & the VIP Soul Tribe she has brought into being.


Michelle Savard
VIP, Spiritual Advising

Heather is a grounded, energetic, & supportive Spirit. She brings her humorous & authentic self into every class she teaches & with every reading she gives. Heather makes Spirituality a fun & enlightening topic to learn & experience.


Tabor Kluza
VIP, Spiritual Advising, Brainspotting, Mediumship Courses

A dear friend referred Heather to me. I went in for my first ever Mediumship reading & was so overcome by Heather’s love, accuracy, & generosity. I then took the next step into her VIP group. I cannot express enough how much she has helped me through. I have had a very difficult life. When I met Heather, I was at the end of my rope & I wanted to give up. Heather has helped me to see the joy in life again. She has changed my & my children’s lives. Her guidance & support has truly been a Blessing. I am so blessed to have beautiful Heather by my side through this amazing journey.


Christy Labbee
VIP, Spiritual Advising, Reiki Courses

About a year ago, I was struggling to find my way. I didn’t understand my gifts or what I was intended to use them for. I had no idea what my life’s purpose was & was clueless on how to even start to figure it out. Once I started to work with Heather, my whole world opened up. In our first session, she explained what my gifts are meant to be used for. Through this understanding, I went forward to learn Mediumship & channeling. I just took her Reiki 1, 2, & Master classes. The classes are so detailed & focused on each individual’s gifts that it makes learning very easy.


Linda Dalton-Jones
VIP, Spiritual Advising, Brainspotting, Reiki Courses

Heather is an amazingly talented Medium. She has taught me so much. I continue to learn from her. The Retreat was life changing. I learned so much & made life long friends.


Courtney Whitney-Fox
VIP, Spiritual Advising, Retreat

I cannot way enough positive things about the VIP group. It has the training & ongoing development that I need to keep my momentum going on my journey! In addition, the sense of belonging I have in this group, including the encouragement & insights, are incomparable to other programs. I can get my education, guidance, support, encouragement & inspiration for my Spiritual journey all in one place! I’m advancing very quickly & it’s truly changing my life. I love the VIP group! It’s simply amazing & I encourage you to join!


Dani Winders
VIP, Spiritual Advising, Mediumship Course

In the wake of my Spiritual Awakening last year, I was seeking guidance & looking for someone to help guide me on this path. During my seeking, I stumbled Heather’s Angel Partays that she does in her Facebook group Heighten Your Spiritual Connection. I instantly connected. I continued to follow Heather to make sure that this would be my best fit. She is 100% authentic. After taking the Leap of Faith, I joined VIP to move forward with my Spiritual path. I have received countless insights, helpful words, & have a better understanding of what has been happening on my life while being in VIP. I have also met a lot of others who are on the same path as me & this has helped me move forward on my Spiritual path even easier. I also attended Heather’s Retreat & my Mediumship skills popped! All in all, if you are looking for guidance, Heather is your lady!


Yolanda Hollock
VIP, Spiritual Advising, Mediumship readings, Reiki courses, Retreat