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New York Spiritual Retreat!

Learn more about the retreat!

Learn More about the Spiritual Retreat!

Heather offers many spiritual services. If you need a reading, a quick tune up or long term spiritual advising, she has something for you. All of her services can be found here.

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See all available courses, in person training is also available on zoom if you prefer the interaction.

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Are You Ready to Magnify Your Spiritual Growth?

Have you had a Spiritual Encounter with the Celestial Realm & are in search of answers?

Do you feel that your Loved Ones in Spirit are close?

Do you wonder if your Intuition guides you?

Do you feel there is more for you on this Life Path?

Do you wonder how you can reach the Spiritual realm consistently?

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Are You Ready to Amplify your Intuition with the Channeling Course??

Are you ready to amplify your Intuition with the Channeling course??

Let me guess, you have utilized your Intuition in the past. You get Intuitive Hits & act upon them (or not & find out later you probably should have). You want to hone your Intuition more. You have some understanding of using Intuition Tools, yet you are not entirely sure if you’re utilizing them correctly.

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Meet Your Spirit Team! 

To increase your intuition and to progress on the spiritual path it is important to access your Spirit Team. Heather has developed a series of courses which is designed to introduce you to your spirit team. These four courses will take you through a series of guided meditations to introduce you to your spirit team. You will meet your Main Spirit Guide, your Guardian Angel, your Joy Guide and your Doctor (Healer) Guide. Each course comes with an introduction, video meditation, and workbook.

Meet Your Spirit Team

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