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So, you’re ready to embark further on your Spiritual Journey?

VIP, Congratulations for following your Intuition here. There was something that pulled you to navigate this page & I applaud you for heeding the call. 


Have there been times in your life where you have "just known" or something "felt right?" Well, right now is one of those times. Right now is opportunity for you to venture even further on your Spiritual Journey & I would love to guide & support you. 


This is the place. You are meant to be here. VIP is for you.  


You have been Seeking This

As a Spiritual Seeker, you want to know more. You crave knowledge. You ask questions & you seek for answers. The tricky thing is, sometimes it's hard to find the answers. Over my own Spiritual Journey of 20 years, I know this all too well. 


This is why I created VIP for You. VIP is a place to know more, to gain knowledge, & to find answers. It is a place of support as you learn more about Spiritual concepts,  how to utilize Spiritual modalities, & application of following your Intuition in your daily life. 


VIP is place of support with other Spiritual Seekers, a place of belonging, & a place to be yourself. 



Curious about the Courses?

With degrees in Psychology & Therapy, and as a Spiritual Seeker & Medium for 20 years, I have created a centralized hub to meet your Spiritual needs.

I have researched, analyzed, & channeled Spiritual, Psychological, & Self-development knowledge in order to enrich your life & align you fully to your Spiritual Path. Get ready to learn & grow in a safe & supportive atmosphere.

Here are your Courses!

  • Old Souls
  • Angels
  • Psychic Skills
  • Channeling
  • Auras
  • Cleansing & Clearing
  • Manifestation
  • Synchronicity
  • Meet your Main Guide

Here's How You'll Be Enlightened

UPCOMING STAR CHILDREN COURSE: Have you been considered "Advanced" in your Spiritual gifts? Do you have a child or grandchild who is Advanced in their gifts? Join me for the Upcoming Star Children Course to learn more if you or your child is an Indigo, Crystal, Rainbow, or the newest generational Star Child, A Golden. Learn how to navigate life as a Star Child. 

CLAIRS COURSE: Do you see orbs or shimmers? Do you feel Spirit? Do you ever hear whispers or do your ears ring? You are using your Clairs, or Spiritual Senses! I am so excited to offer VIP this Clairs module from my Part 1 Mediumship class. This course assists you to amplify your Clairs & connect with Spirit on a Higher Level. 

OLD SOULS: Are you an Old Soul? Do you feel you have been here before? Are you considered wise beyond your years? Join me for the newest VIP Course where you learn what it means to be an Old Soul, your mission as an Old Soul, & Self-Care for the Old Soul. Also learn about your Self-Actualization path, Self-Transcendence, Peak Experiences, & Past Lives.

ANGELS: Are you curious about the Angels? Have you felt or seen Angelic Beings? Allow yourself to begin with Powerful Activations, Rituals, & Ceremonies with the Angels. As you navigate the Angels Course, learn how to connect & communicate with the following Angels: Archangel Michael, Archangel Gabriel, Archangel Raphael, Archangel Haniel, Archangel Metatron, Archangel Zadkiel, & Archangel Ariel.

CHANNELING: Check out the 14 module Channeling course to learn the necessary modalities of using Pendulum, Oracle Cards, & Automatic Writing. Allow yourself to step into Knowing & Trusting your unique Spiritual Gifts as you put your skills to practice. Learn how to use your emotions & Clairsentience to channel information from Spirit. Recognize the Proof of your Channeling through validation! 

PSYCHIC SKILLS: Do you get premonitions? Do you “just know” when something is going to happen?? Then this 8 module is for you to Enhance your Psychic skills! Learn how to increase your awareness & verify the Psychic hits you receive. Heighten your skills of Telepathy of reading others’ minds & Learn about Psychometry. Take the Learning style quiz & learn how to use your memory to enhance your skills! 

AURAS: Learn how to read, view & glean information from the Auras. Dive into learning the 7 Layers of Auras & how these relate to the Emotional, Spiritual, Mental, & Physical Bodies & recognize the Chakra-Aura Connection. Explore the Astral Bridge to navigate between this world & the higher dimensions. Learn more of how to enhance your Etheric Template body in order to improve your daily life. 

CLEARING & CLEANSING: In order to Rise into Spirit’s Vibration, we need to release what no longer serves us. Learn a unique Cleansing tool with the Pendulum Emotional Clearing Technique to clear old patterns. Go deep & nurture yourself with the Inner Child & Younger Self modules. Dive into modules of Boundaries, Taking it Personally, & Assumptions in order to further assist your Healing path. As a special bonus, Let Go with your Guardian Angel.

MANIFESTATION: Curious how to utilize the co-creation process with Spirit? Learn to utilize the Scale of Consciousness, Grab the Manifestation Formula & use Spiritual Visualization to create the Life you want! Allow yourself to improve your Relationship with money & utilize the Emotional Freedom Technique to improve your financial situation. Spirit wants you to have it all!

SYNCHRONICITY: This incredible course spans over 20 years of my analysis of this powerful topic! Synchronicity is like a “wink from the Universe,” & allows us to connect the dots to better understand our life path. Learn which Spiritual Senses you use to access the Flow of Synchronicity. Learn how to truly be in Spiritual Alignment, to increase your awareness & confidence, & to make Synchronicity work for you! 



Check out your Bonuses!!

Guided Meditation to meet your Main Guide: Have you wondered about your Main Spirit Guide? Have you felt a presence guiding you in your life? Do you wonder what your Main Guide looks like & how to access them?

Then Join us in VIP for your BONUS of the Main Guide Meditation! This incredible Guided Meditation allows you to meet your Spirit Animal, see a Loved One in Spirit & Meet your Main Guide!

Monthly Spirit Circles: Join us Live on ZOOM to connect to your Loved Ones in Spirit. This is a time to learn & practice your Mediumship skills, meet your Loved One in Spirit through Guided Meditation, & receive Messages from your Loved Ones in Spirit. 

Spiritual Q & A Courses: Learn even MORE from the Spiritual Q & A courses including Mediumship skills, Removing Cords, New Moon ritual, Past Lives & Exit Points, & Astral Projection!

Weekly Insights, Card Pulls, & Messages from your Loved Ones: Join me weekly for YOUR INSIGHTS & other helpful tools for your growth. Weekly, I go Live in the VIP Facebook group & bring you the Spiritual Insights you need for your Life path through Intuition, card pulls, Clearing, & Messages from your Loved Ones.

Daily Morning BUZZ: Weekday mornings join me Live in the VIP Facebook group as I share Spirit’s insights from my Automatic Writing pertaining to the courses, everyday life, & how to apply Spiritual concepts. Catch up on the Morning Buzz from the past year including Angel Channelings, Understanding Karma, & Being within Divine Timing. 

Affirmations & Protection Techniques: These two incredible tools are game changers to create the Life you want. Join VIP to access Affirmations of Divine White Light, by channelings with Teachers such as Louise Hay, Masters such as Buddha & the Archangels. Create the Abundance, Success & Dreams you desire!

Daily Prompts & Practice: Learn & practice your Spiritual skills daily in the VIP Facebook group! Practice your psychometry, psychic, mediumship, spiritual tools, & Manifestation skills with other Spiritual Seekers!

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Much Light, Love, & Blessings,

Heather Corbet, Psychology, B.A., Master's OTR/L, Medium & Spiritual Advisor, Reiki Master Teacher, Certified Brainspotting Practitioner


Start the VIP Program Today!

Click the button to get the VIP Program now & start paving the way to embracing your Spiritual Future. The opportunity is right here, right now... You just need to take it.


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