Heather's Story


 I am elated you are here. Congratulations on following your Intuition so our paths could meet. The Spiritual Journey is beautiful, magical, & full of wonder. What an honor it is to guide you. 

The Beginning

Through the twists & turns of life, I am sure you have known there is "something more." From a young age, I felt connections to higher beings & often wondered if others felt this too. I enjoyed going to church, as I deeply felt people’s prayers, emotions, & the Angels.

My first experience of “something more” occurred when waking from a nap at 2 years old. I raced to the table & sifted through the mail frantically looking for a bill with my name on it. As my franticness increased, I realized that I was in this young female body, looking for a male’s name in the mail. Upon further reflection in my later years, I realized this was my first past life experience. 

Venturing forward, I asked a lot of questions: Even though Grandma passed, can she still see us? Can you see Angels? Are dreams real? It was difficult to find the answers. I remember watching movies in hopes of seeing what others saw. Their “ghosts” were not remotely the same as the Spirits I was seeing. As my young son puts it to me now, “Ghosts are in movies & Spirits are all around us.” His young words radiate such truth.

My Spiritual Exploration 

Heather Corbet - Experienced Spiritual Advisor

Over time, the experiences faded & I was “veiled.” This often happens as we are pulled into society, family, friends, & social pressures. For me, this time revealed multiple learning opportunities surrounding worth, acceptance, & belonging. As I gathered worldly experiences, I also gathered unhealthy emotional patterns as I grappled to be accepted within all areas of my life. These trying times culminated as I witnessed my life heading toward destruction & I endured yet another rejection-based relationship. Upon termination of this relationship in my early 20’s, I was reunited with Spirit & graciously accepted my Spiritual Re-Awakening.

With a Spiritual Mentor, I was able to explore my questions & was elated as I realized, my questions had answers! I remembered one poignant time when I exclaimed, “Not everyone can read thoughts!”  My mentor half-smiled, nodded her head & said that was correct. It was so exciting & I recall one incident of writing/channeling for nearly 6 hours as I reveled in this reunion with Spirit.

I graduated with my Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology & Education, & hit the road for a two-month Spiritual Adventure. My traveling partner & I ventured to Spiritual Places & explored every Spiritual Topic & my favorite concept was Manifestation. We practiced this daily & were amazed at how quickly our needs were met on the road. 

Heather Corbet - Experienced Spiritual Advisor

Are Among Us

Upon arriving back, I started my teaching career & I was faced with another Spiritual Opportunity. Late at night, I received a phone call, telling me that my 17-year-old cousin had died in a car accident. Through my tears & with mind reeling, I vowed to visit the crash scene the next day. As I arrived, I saw parts of my cousin’s car strewn along the side of the road & I was overcome with grief. As I started sobbing, I dropped to my knees & cried out, “Please send me an Angel!” Out of the corner of my eye on this desolate road, I saw a man biking down the hill toward me. He got off his bike, surveyed the scene & held my hands & prayed for me, my cousin, & our family. As he let go of my hands, he simply said, “God Bless You,” & biked away as quickly as he came. I shook my head in disbelief. My cousin sent me an Angel. So began my path to Mediumship.

Through research, education, obtaining a Master's Degree in Therapy & communing with Spirit on a daily basis, I have found answers to the questions I had asked for so many years. My Loved Ones in Spirit visit me daily (& nightly). My Uncle in Spirit has helped me to reconnect with lost family relations. My sweet grandma kisses my cheek to announce her arrival. Of course, my cousin who passed in the car accident is around. In fact, he woke me from a dream the night prior to writing this. With his freckled face close to mine, he simply said, “Use my story.” I am happy to oblige, Cousin.

My Journey Continues

This incredible life of Mediumship has opened up more doors that I could have imagined. I am always amazed with how this gift elevates & assists others & I am so honored to serve. Every session allows for connection, healing, & messages with Spirit. Your Loved Ones want to assist you with your daily life decisions, health needs, relationships, & career choices. Spirit wants to guide you with your Spiritual & Healing gifts so you can align to your Life Path. 

I am glad you arrived & I am privileged to assist you. Enjoy the website & find the Spiritual, Healing, Education, & Magic that speaks to your Heart. I am ecstatic to be your conduit, to teach you Spiritual & Healing education, & to guide you on your Spiritual Journey. 

Please reach out with any questions. I am here for you.

Much Light, Love, & Blessings,

Psychology B.A., Master's OTR/L
Medium & Spiritual Advisor, Reiki Master Teacher, Certified Brainspotting Consultant

I absolutely adore Heather and her high vibe sunshine energy! I am currently a part of her VIP group and loving all the courses I have access to. Heather is a very strong and gifted teacher, I recently took one of her Reiki classes online and loved it! I’m looking forward to delving into her courses even further because it’s so much fun! Thank you Heather! My heart fills with gratitude!


Anita Elliott
VIP, Spiritual Advising, Reiki Courses

Heather’s Spiritual Gifts are Amazing! I have had the privilege of having two Distance Healing Sessions with Heather and they were totally Awesome! I look forward each week for the Angel Party card pulls/guidance and many times my Dad comes through with a message for me! I’m always in Awe of how Heather connects with Angels, Spirits and our loved ones. She is truly a gifted Medium, Spiritual Teacher and Healer! I’m so happy that I’ve had the opportunity to take several online classes to develop my spiritual gifts and also to have joined the VIP Group for a short time. I highly recommend Heather if you would like to develop your spiritual gifts, connect with your love ones, learn Reiki, or need spiritual guidance. I also recommend joining VIP Group and taking the many courses she offers. Heather, I’m so happy that our paths have crossed and proud to call you my friend!


Jean Dessureau
VIP, Spiritual Advising, Distance Reiki Healing, Mediumship, Reiki Courses

I am so glad to be a part of the VIP group. Even if you are not able to attend all the live Zoom calls, you can go back and watch them when it is convenient. There is so much support in the VIP group. Everyone in the group has an opportunity to work on expanding their abilities. Heather is an amazing teacher and she is so great about answering our questions. I have really enjoyed building on the energy of manifesting and learning ways to channel. I enjoy sharing and learning about everyone’s abilities. You can really feel the positive vibes from everyone in the group. It is really fantastic! My pets love to hang out near me whenever I am on a live or watching a replay!


Paulette Little
VIP, Spiritual Advising, Distance Reiki Healing, Mediumship, Reiki Courses

When one is seeking guidance and clarity for personal growth, it is an amazing gift to have someone like Heather there to hold your hand. In addition to the guidance and loving assistance from very powerful realms. I highly recommend Heather if you are seeking answers of any kind.


Liz Sword
VIP, Spiritual Advising, Mediumship

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