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I am elated to assist you with your Spiritual & Healing needs. Through sessions, classes, & the VIP group, allow yourself to Enhance your Spiritual & Healing gifts, Connect to your Loved Ones in Spirit, & Align to your Life Path more fully.

Through teaching, gentle guidance & Unconditional Love with Spirit, I feel Blessed to guide & witness you to Connect with yourself, gain the Clarity & Insights you need, & Heighten Your Spiritual Connection.

Brainspotting Events

Ready to experience a unique way to heal your brain?
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Reiki Certification

Reiki Certification offers 4 levels of training:
Reiki I, Reiki II, Reiki Master, Reiki Teacher

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Mediumship Live & Recorded Courses

The Three-Part Mediumship & Intuitive Series guides you to discover your own Spiritual Gifts. Within this series, you will meet 4 of your Angels/Guides through Guided Meditation & learn important components of honing your Mediumship & Intuitive Skills.

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