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Heather Corbet - Brainspotting

Hi, I'm Heather

As a Brainspotting Consultant & Specialty Trainer, Occupational Therapist, Coach & Holistic Healer, I am in awe of our capacity & determination to heal.

Brainspotting was discovered by Dr. David Grand & assists to shift perceptions, re-route maladaptive brain connections, and improve quality of life.

During a session, a client is guided to hone in on a brainspot that is an emotional, calm, or spiritual area. Through the process, the client is guided to unwind, release, & expand. Upon completion, the brain relays new synaptic connections & opens up to new alignment.

My own journey with Brainspotting has assisted me to release what no longer serves me, created pivotal perceptual shifts, & expanded my mind & life exponentially. It is freeing to be walking a life of Clarity, groundedness, & alignment.

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Heather Corbet - Brainspotting

Brainspotting has changed my life... & my mind. 

Through my own work with Brainspotting, the healing, clarity & expansion have been life-changing. Brainspotting has supported me through transitions, past concussion work, my own medical anomalies & incorporating techniques from Brainspotting Couples Co-regulating into my own relationships.

I know that as I expand in my Brainspotting training, my clients directly benefit. My Brainspotting journey includes Phases 1-4,  Expansion Brainspotting, Clearing Limbic Countertransference, Generational Brainspotting, Freeze to Thaw Brainspotting, Brainspotting & Parts work, Brainspotting Couples Co-regulating, Brainspotting with Intersectionality & Social Justice, Brain Education, & assisting with countless Brainspotting trainings. 

In order to further my Brainspotting expertise, I went through the rigorous track of getting Certified. After 100s of Brainspotting sessions & hours of Consultation, in 2020 I became a Certified Brainspotting Therapist.

Since then, I have been recertified & also continued with the track of Consultation. The 9 month Consultation in Training program offered more in-depth training of theory & technique. As a Consultant, I am able to support other Brainspotting Clinicians to become Certified. 

Most currently, I have moved into Specialty Trainer status with the upcoming training, Brainspotting, Spirituality & Intuition with Cherie Lindberg, LPC. 

My specialities include Couples, Parts, Expansion, Sensory Processing, Neurodivergence, Medical anomalies, Performers, Spirituality, & Grief.

Any questions? I would love to serve you.

Heather Corbet - Brainspotting

Brainspotting Explained

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What is Brain-Based Therapy?

Brainspotting is discovered by Dr. David Grand, which is a powerful, personal, & focused method assists to identify, process, & release core neurophysiological sources of emotional/body pain, trauma, & blocks that may be hindering a person’s daily function. The method also allows to bring in calm, enhance intuition, & expand the synaptic brain connections. With Brainspotting, it is possible to emerge into new states of being & consciousness of your Life Path.

Brainspotting utilizes the visual system to find relevant eye positions which are seen as access points to locate the necessary information to be released or focused upon. Based on the idea that “where you look affects how you feel,” Brainspotting can release unconscious beliefs about yourself that may be holding you back.

Heather Corbet - Brainspotting

Curious about Brainspotting & Spirituality?

Reiki & Brainspotting Training - Stay tuned for dates & Recorded Class
Group Brainspotting Recorded Course

Join the 9 month Consultation group

Spirituality & Intuition education, client cases, experientials & demos, Shifting Consciousness, Utilizing Brainspots for Intuition, Higher Power, Generational & more!

Brainspotting, Spirituality, & Intuition Consultation Group February 23

Ready for full immersion in the 3 Day Training on Brainspotting, Spirituality, & Intuition?

See below for full description of this pivotal training.


Training: Brainspotting, Spirituality & Intuition with Cherie Lindberg

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Trainings Attended

Specialty Trainer since 2023

Consultant since 2023

Consultee of Cherie Lindberg, LPC

Certified since 2020, Recertified July 2022

Certifee of Mary Jane O’ Rourke, LCSW 

BSP I, II, III, IV with Melanie Young PsyD, Cherie Lindberg LPC, & David Grand PhD 

BSP & Assistant with Expansion in Creativity & Performance with Lisa Larson, LMFT 

BSP & Assistant with Clearing Limbic Counter-transference with Cherie Lindberg LPC & Cynthia Swartzberg, LCSW 

BSP & Assistant with Freeze to Thaw and The Next Level  with Mary Jane O’ Rourke, LCSW & Serene Caulkins PT 

BSP with Generational & Somatic Archeology with Ruby Gibson, PhD 

BSP & Assistant with Parts Work with Cherie Lindberg LPC & Cynthia Swartzberg, LCSW 

BSP & Assistant with Couples Co-regulating with Cherie Lindberg LPC 

BSP & Assistant with Intersectionality & Social Justice with Tracy Gantlin-Monroy LPC  

BSP & Brain Science to Inform Your Practice with Deborah Antinori, MA, LPC

Brainspotting Embodied Learning Circle & Assistant with Nancy Tung RN, & Joy Myong, NCC 

BSP Intensive Sedona with Pie Frey PhD & Cherie Lindberg, LPC 

BSP with Collective Liberation Group  

BSP Assistant for Multiple Phase I & II trainings, Including Inclusive

BSP Intensive Costa Rica with Cherie Lindberg, LPC

BSP Intensive Costa Rica with Cherie Lindberg, LPC

 BSP Travel Trip Peru with Cherie Lindberg, LPC & Teri Nehring LPC

Training: Brainspotting, Spirituality & Intuition with Cherie Lindberg
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