Brainspotting: A Unique Way to Heal Your Brain!

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What is Brain-Based Therapy?

Brainspotting is performed by a licensed professional & assists to hone in on a brainspot that is an emotional, calm, or spiritual area. Through the process, you are guided to unwind, release, & expand. Upon completion, your brain relays new synaptic connections & opens up to new alignment.

My own journey with Brainspotting has assisted me to release what no longer serves me, create pivotal perceptual shifts, & expand my mind & life exponentially. It is freeing to be walking a life of Clarity, to feel safe & grounded, & to witness my own Expansive thinking.

Discovered by Dr. David Grand, this powerful, personal, & focused method assists to identify, process, & release core neurophysiological sources of emotional/body pain, trauma, & blocks that may be hindering a person’s daily function. The method also allows to bring in calm, enhance intuition, & expand the synaptic brain connections. With Brainspotting, it is possible to emerge into new states of being & creation/ manifestation of your Life Path.

Reiki & Brainspotting Workshop October 13
Brainspotting, Spirituality, & Intuition Consultation Group starts January 26
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Training: Brainspotting, Spirituality & Intuition with Cherie Lindberg
My partner & I have done several Couples Co- regulating Brainspotting sessions with Heather. BSP-CC has helped us understand each other with compassion, learn how to communicate & validate one another which has allowed evolution & growth in our relationship. BSP-CC is life-changing if you’re hitting a brick wall within a relationship, or want to ensure

Kristal Pitera

I went to Heather for Brainspotting. I had some episodes in my life that were affecting my sleep and overall feelings in many ways. After this appointment with Heather, I no longer visualize the bad feelings associated with the things that had happened. I cannot recommend Brainspotting enough with Heather. I have experienced such a huge difference with better sleep and feelings since just one Brainspotting session. Thank you so much Heather.


Lou Ann Martin

Heather has helped me discover my inner wisdom through Brainspotting! It has helped so much in finding the answers I knew were deep inside all along. She is patient, caring, wise, and compassionate and knows how to help you face your fears and guide you to a place of peace and resolution. Heather truly has helped me to get through some very dark times and guided me to the light. If you are even considering a session with Heather, don't hesitate! She is the real deal and I will forever be grateful for our time together! ❤️


Sherrie Olsen

I have worked with Heather in the past and really appreciate her talents and insights. I recently did a Brainspotting session with her. We talked about expectations before the session and both of us agreed that this was a good match for my needs. I was amazed how effective it was. I feel very grateful for the experience and for her expertise.


Shirley Krisinch

Brainspotting with Heather was amazing!!!! I’m excited to do it again!!! Love that Heather held space for the process as I felt so loved and cared for!!!


Brooke Hessenius

Brainspotting sessions with Heather are amazing. She helped me find my calm spot, which I often visit when I feel anxious, and a couple of Spirit spots as well. She even helped me process a dream I had about being shot in a past life through Brainspotting! After a few sessions, I noticed that I started forming new neural pathways in my brain. I shifted out of victimology and learned new ways of coping with things going on in my life. If you are looking to drop old thought patterns, create new neural pathways, and find your spirit spots, I highly suggest a session with Heather. Thank you, Heather! You are a true blessing in my life and others!


April Robertson

I cannot say enough wonderful words about my experience with Heather. I have been seeking her guidance for over a year now and together we have shattered subconscious conditioning that has been weighing me down for years. In addition to connecting me with my departed loved ones with complete clarity, Heather’s compassion made me feel comfortable to dive in further to do deeper work. Most recently we have been working with her Brainspotting technique. WOW! If you are ready to leap forward and heal old wounds , I highly recommend this. In one month we have healed 30 years of pain. The process is fascinating and Heather educated me on how it works. As a metaphysical teacher I am well versed in the workings of the subconscious and how powerful energy is. I knew the importance of overcoming these conditioned blocks. Speaking positive affirmations was helpful but the thought patterns still existed. The Brainspotting technique helped to create awareness of the actual issue and actively heal it. We were also able to reinforce more positive pathways. It’s been both spectacular and liberating. Within hours of our first session, I saw results in an area I had much resistance in. I love Heather and her beautiful gifted energy.


Eleni Yiambilis

Heather is so very talented at the many gifts and specialties she offers. I wanted to write about my experience with Brainspotting and how amazing it was. It was surprising how you can have a nagging unwanted feeling for years and "poof" its totally gone or changed to something positive. I was so astonished at Brainspotting & feel it is very important in changing my life. I came to see Heather and I was totally depleted, emotional, physically and everything else. I had no love of life, no motivation, I was depressed and just sad. In this one session I seemed to be feeling energetic, feeling the spice for life again, loving what I am living for, and actually seeing the awesome preparations unfolding for my soul’s happiness.


Tricia Stevens

Brainspotting landed on my path when my Functional Medicine Doctor mentioned it as modality to calm my nervous system. My son was in an automobile accident with life threatening injuries. Even though I wasn’t at the accident scene, the trauma and fear from that night remained deep inside my cells as I held his wounded body. Months and years later, I found myself being startled out of my sleep and experiencing panic attacks in small spaces. To be honest, I was finding it difficult to experience life without fear.

I had several powerful sessions with Heather as my spiritual advisor. One day, she mentioned Brainspotting. I love synchronicities, so I immediately listened to the nudges from the Universe and booked a session. After my first Brainspotting session, I knew that “following a stick with my eyes and listening to her prompts” would become a valuable tool in my healing toolbox.

I can’t explain what happens in our sessions, yet my brain, body, and soul soaks up this modality of deep healing. As my eyes follow, my soul knows...tears flow and my heart chakra opens and releases...every single time. It’s incredible! What seems so easy has given me the ability to sleep an entire night, get into an elevator again without intense fear, and lean into a deeper love for myself and my life. Brainspotting is a wonderful addition to my wellness container!


Gail Murray

I just had a fabulous Brainspotting session which takes you places that normal talk therapy can't. Also, Heather's capability of getting messages from Spirit is one heck of a fantastic way to heal. I 100% recommend you have a session with Heather, whether it is communication through Spirit or Healing through Brainspotting. I had a fantastic experience.

Kim Moore

Heather was amazing ~ I was wanting to try Brainspotting and be open to healing on another level. I just had one session and I'm feeling like there was a shift from releasing some old trauma. I look forward to another session ~ YOU ROCK Heather!!


Susie Stilwell

I was feeling stuck in my mind and feeling heavy in my chest. I trust Heather's energy and gifts so much and I decided to book my second Brainspotting session. She held space for me in the most powerful way. I was able to release what was stuck in my subconscious mind and being manifested in my physical body through pain and tension. My body found relaxation, immediately after the session. I felt a sense of expansion in my chest, more energized and happy feelings. I was really open to receive a healing and that was exactly what happened. I am so grateful for Heather.


Glorymar Gonzalez

With Dr. David Grand

I witnessed as my brainspotting clients not only were Healing, but also Expanding into other states of consciousness.


During Mediumship sessions, clients were seeing their Loved Ones from Spirit.

During Medical Intuitive sessions, clients were experiencing & feeling their own body’s organs & systems were shifting.

During Spiritual Advising sessions, clients’ Spiritual gifts began Heightening exponentially.

Brainspotting utilizes the visual system to find relevant eye positions which are seen as “access points” to locate the necessary information to be released or focused upon. Based on the idea that “where you look affects how you feel,” Brainspotting can release unconscious beliefs about yourself that may be holding you back.

This technique is highly effective & promotes rapid healing as it bypasses the “thinking” & analyzing area of the neocortex. Because it is difficult to heal while analyzing, traumatic events can be processed more effectively as we move past the neocortex to the subcortical part of the brain. The subcortical is a more primitive part of our brains & houses sensations, emotions, colors, memories, & Spirituality.
The subcortical is at the brainstem & therefore sends sensations into the body, allowing for Brainspotting to elicit a definite brain-body connection. Therefore, Brainspotting is known as a somatic approach as we focus on the body’s sensations in combination with the brain healing. With this understanding, illnesses, symptomology, & pain can be processed & released during Brainspotting sessions.

The Brain is miraculous & houses millions of synaptic connections. There are more synaptic connections in our Brain than there are galaxies. Because there are so many synaptic connections, we can re-route & bypass maladaptive neural pathways effectively. With my own experiences, stuck memories have been released & neural pathways have re-routed.

Important aspects of Brainspotting sessions are Relational & Neurobiology Attunement. Within a session, the clinician witnesses your journey, allowing for you to deeply process what is necessary to heal & expand. As a clinician & client are in relational attunement, they are sharing neurobiology. This allows for the client to “share” the clinician’s self-regulation, intuition, & other important healing aspects. Often as a Spiritual teacher, I say, “We are exchanging gifts.” In fact, we are sharing neurobiology.

During a typical Brainspotting session, the client chooses a topic to work on. Topics can include a current circumstance, a body sensation or pain, emotional release, to enhance performance, improve Spiritual gifts, feel the presence of a Loved One in Spirit, Manifestation, or improve state of being. In order to access this, the clinician assists the client to locate the Brainspot. There is also an option to utilize Biolateral Music to further assist the healing. Following this, the client is able to process this spot in order to release what is no longer necessary & allow for increased understanding & healing.

The Brain knows what to do & how to heal. During the Brainspotting experience, it is important to recognize that the subcortical may not have words for what you are experiencing. This is why we remain “curious” & per Dr. Grand’s quote, we “follow the tail of the comet.” Through the process, we allow the brain to go where it needs to go & to trust what the brain needs to do.

Following a Brainspotting session, the brain will continue Healing & re-routing neural pathways. Clients may feel cloudy, sleepy, or euphoric after a session. Through this, the brain is healing, releasing, & creating new synaptic connections. Following the initial healing, ultimately, the brain shifts to allow more Clarity, increased logic & wisdom, perceptual shifts, & Expanded thinking.

It has been an incredible journey to witness healing & expansion through Brainspotting. This amazing healing modality has shifted & aligned myself & my clients. I would love to witness your healing & expansion.

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Heather's Brainspotting Journey

Brainspotting has changed my life... & my mind. I found Brainspotting after enduring a rough transition.

Sometimes in transitions we are in the Fight or Flight Sympathetic Nervous system for a long time. We may ride on adrenaline for awhile, but after too long, our body shuts down. This is what happened to me. I needed someone to assist me to regulate, to come back to the present moment & to Heal.

As the Healing occurred, my mind cleared, my hope came back, & I began expanding in ways I never could have imagined.

Through my own work with Brainspotting, the healing, clarity & expansion have been life-changing. Brainspotting has supported me through transitions, past concussion work, my own medical anomalies & incorporating techniques from Brainspotting Couples Co-regulating into my marriage. 

I know that as I expand in my Brainspotting training, my clients directly benefit. My Brainspotting journey includes Phases 1-4,  Expansion Brainspotting, Clearing Limbic Countertransference, Generational Brainspotting, Freeze to Thaw Brainspotting, Brainspotting & Parts work, Brainspotting Couples Co-regulating, Brainspotting with Intersectionality & Social Justice, Brain Education, & assisting with countless Brainspotting trainings. 

In order to further my Brainspotting expertise, I went through the rigorous track of getting Certified. After 100s of Brainspotting sessions & hours of Consultation, in 2020 I became a Certified Brainspotting Therapist. Since then, I have been recertified & also continued with the track of Consultation. Through speciality trainings, intensives, & an intense Consultation in Training program, I have achieved Consultation status. 

As I incorporate these new trainings, I witness as my clients not only Heal, but also Expand into other states of consciousness. During Mediumship sessions, clients witness their Loved Ones from Spirit. During Medical Intuitive sessions, clients experience & feel their own body’s organs & systems shifting. During Spiritual Advising sessions, clients’ Spiritual gifts heighten exponentially.

All of this, simply by using our own Brain to Heal. Through Brainspotting & the Relational Attunement process, neural pathways reroute themselves & our Minds Expand.

Any questions? I would love to serve you.

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Specialty Trainer since 2023

Consultant since 2023

Consultee of Cherie Lindberg, LPC

Certified since 2020, Recertified July 2022

Certifee of Mary Jane O’ Rourke, LCSW 

BSP I, II, III, IV with Melanie Young PsyD, Cherie Lindberg LPC, & David Grand PhD 

BSP & Assistant with Expansion in Creativity & Performance with Lisa Larson, LMFT 

BSP & Assistant with Clearing Limbic Counter-transference with Cherie Lindberg LPC & Cynthia Swartzberg, LCSW 

BSP & Assistant with Freeze to Thaw and The Next Level  with Mary Jane O’ Rourke, LCSW & Serene Caulkins PT 

BSP with Generational & Somatic Archeology with Ruby Gibson, PhD 

BSP & Assistant with Parts Work with Cherie Lindberg LPC & Cynthia Swartzberg, LCSW 

BSP & Assistant with Couples Co-regulating with Cherie Lindberg LPC 

BSP & Assistant with Intersectionality & Social Justice with Tracy Gantlin-Monroy LPC  

BSP & Brain Science to Inform Your Practice with Deborah Antinori, MA, LPC

Brainspotting Embodied Learning Circle & Assistant with Nancy Tung RN, & Joy Myong, NCC 

BSP Intensive Sedona with Pie Frey PhD & Cherie Lindberg, LPC 

BSP with Collective Liberation Group  

BSP Assistant for Multiple Phase I & II trainings, Including Inclusive

BSP Intensive Costa Rica with Cherie Lindberg, LPC

BSP Intensive Costa Rica with Cherie Lindberg, LPC

 BSP Travel Trip Peru with Cherie Lindberg, LPC & Teri Nehring LPC