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Welcome! Looking forward to serving your Spiritual & Healing needs. 

Are you wanting a session, but not sure which to choose? Spiritual Advising sessions cover a wide range of Spiritual topics. Sessions can include Heightening your Spiritual skills, Channeling, Angels & Guides, Clearing life patterns, Psychic information, Healing, Brainspotting, or Medical Intuition. This session is NOT Mediumship. Choose Mediumship to connect with your Loved Ones in Spirit.

Spiritual Advising sessions bring necessary Guidance & assist you with your health & well-being. This is an opportunity to obtain the significant information you need to realign to your Life Purpose & further your Life Path.

Shorter sessions available. Sessions conducted via phone, Zoom, or in person (Stoughton, WI).

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Have you had difficulty overcoming something from your past? Are you experiencing fatigue or pain & looking for an alternative Healing Modality? Are you wanting to Expand Your Mind? Brainspotting may be for you!

Brainspotting is performed by a licensed professional & assists to hone in on a brainspot that is an emotional, calm, or spiritual area. Through the process, you are guided to unwind, release, & expand. Upon completion, your brain relays new synaptic connections & opens up to new alignment.

Sessions conducted via phone, Zoom, or in person
(Stoughton, WI).

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Are you wanting to Connect with your Loved Ones in Spirit? As a Professional Medium, I would be honored to assist you. I utilize my gifts of the Clairs/Spiritual Senses in order to be a conduit between the Spiritual & Physical Realms to bring you the Connection, Healing, & Messages you are needing from your Loved Ones.

Allow yourself to receive personal messages for Connection & Guidance. Clients often report a sense of peace & comfort at the end of our sessions. Choose 1 or more people attending upon sign up. 

Readings conducted via phone, Zoom, or in person
(Stoughton, WI).

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Curious about your health & needing more answers? Are you looking for a deep Healing Modality?

With Medical Intuition, receive your own unique body scan & a deeper look into your Physical, Emotional, Mental, & Spiritual Realms to bring you the answers you need. Bring your health & diet questions to acquire the necessary information for improvement.

Enjoy Heightened healing benefits with Transformational Reiki with Clearing & Balancing of your Chakras, Auric Layers, & Realignment of your Body's Natural Energetic Field.

Background includes Psychology, Occupational Therapy, Reiki I, II, & Master Practitioner Levels and training through advanced Usui/Holy Fire II Reiki Ryoho.

Sessions conducted via phone, Zoom, or in person
(Stoughton, WI).

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Much Light, Love, & Blessings,

Heather Corbet, Psychology B.A., Master's OTR/L
Medium & Spiritual Advisor, Reiki Master Teacher, Brainspotting Consultant & Specialty Trainer

I have been working with Heather for 5 years & I cannot describe how much she has changed my life. She is so sweet & authentic, and incredibly gifted & talented. She is an amazing medium channel, healer & teacher. She has made me the healer & channel that I am today, running a successful healing practice. My Grandma in Spirit is always front & center to provide me guidance from the other side, & Heather is able to relay her messages to me in a fashion that resembles exactly what my Gram would say! I highly recommend Heather for any healing, mediumship, or mentor services. She will change your life!!!!


Michelle Hill
VIP, Spiritual Advising, Reiki Courses, Retreat, Brainspotting

I have worked with Heather in the past & really appreciate her talents & insights. I recently did a Brainspotting session with her. We talked about expectations before the session & both of us agreed that this was a good match for my needs. I was amazed how effective it was. I feel very grateful for the experience & for her expertise.


Shirley Krisinch

Heather did a group reading for my family & it was amazing. It was so helpful & spot on. This was just what we needed after the sudden loss of my grandpa. With Covid-19, many members were not able to say good bye. Heather was sweet, friendly & absolutely amazing!


Dacia Kretschmann
Group Mediumship Reading, Pet Medical Intuition Session

When one is seeking guidance & clarity for personal growth, it is an amazing gift to have someone like Heather there to hold your hand. In addition to the guidance & loving assistance she offers, her channeling ability allows assistance from very powerful realm. I highly recommend Heather if you are seeking answers of any kind.


Liz Sword
VIP, Spiritual Advising, Mediumship

Heather is a true Medium. I have seen her numerous times & have been able to have closure with the loss of my husband & parents. My niece recently lost her father & contacted Heather. My niece could not find the combination to a safe in his home. Heather was able to connect with my niece’s father from the other side & told my niece where the combination was. The safe was opened & legal papers were found.


Kathleen Wygans
Mediumship Readings, Group Reading Days

Heather was amazing. I was wanting to try Brainspotting & was open to healing on another level. I just had one session & I’m feeling like there as I released old trauma. I look forward to another session. YOU ROCK, Heather!


Susie Stilwell
VIP, Spiritual Advising, Brainspotting

Heather has helped me to understand my gifts & grow in the Spiritual realm. Her ability to teach & work with me in Spiritual Advising, Mediumship & Reiki courses have changed my life. She is an amazing mentor & I am so thankful for everything she does & offers. Our courses in the VIP program are priceless. The courses are available for us to listen to as much as we need. The personal guidance we get in the group is invaluable. It is such an amazing group.


Erin Stabile
VIP, Spiritual Advising, Reiki & Mediumship Courses, Retreat

I had a reading on Saturday & it was amazing! Heather is so sweet & absolutely spot on. I connected immediately & got answers to questions that were haunting me & finally feel closure to the loss of my Loved One. Thank you for helping me, Heather. Will absolutely see you again!


Deedra Lesch
Mediumship Reading

Heather is amazingly talented! I have worked with her one-on-one & also in the VIP group. I always look forward to my interactions with her. Being in her Energy is so comforting & reassuring. Her ability to connect with Spirit & translate messages is mind-blowing. The guidance that I receive from her has always been spot on & exactly what I need to hear every time. I HIGHLY recommend Heather if you are looking for a reading or long-term Spiritual Advising.


Vicky Smith
VIP, Spiritual Advising

Heather had very keen insight into my situation. I am very surprised how a person who has never talked to me or see me would know so much about me. I very much appreciate her guidance. Things have worked exactly how she said.


Natasha Merz
VIP, Spiritual Advising, House Clearings

My Spiritual Advising session with Heather was much more than I expected. She is an incredible Lightworker. Thanks to this amazing session, I now have the information & tools to work on strengthening my abilities. A nice little surprise during my session was having several family members in Spirit step forward with beautiful messages & validation. I’m so thankful Heather was put on my Spiritual Awakening path. She’s helped open so many doors. She’s truly a Blessing!


Jaime Ring
VIP, Spiritual Advising

I went to Heather for Brainspotting. I had some episodes in my life that were affecting my sleep & overall feelings in many ways. After this appointment with Heather, I no longer visualize the bad feelings associated with the things that had happened. I cannot recommend Brainspotting enough with Heather. I have experienced such a huge difference with better sleep & feelings since just one Brainspotting session. Thank you so much, Heather.


Lou Ann Martin
Mediumship, Brainspotting

I received my first reading from Heather last year. I was blown away by the amount of information she brought forth from Spirit & my Loved Ones. Heather is so tuned into the Spiritual Realm. She was able to use voice inflection & body language similar to my Loved Ones in Spirit. She also used the same phrases & nicknames. It was very obvious she was talking for my Loved Ones. The information she shared was so timely & healing for me. After losing my mom, I was grieving deeply & Heather’s readings have helped me tremendously to find peace. I highly recommend Heather as a Medium.


Cindi Rausch
Mediumship, Spiritual Advising

Heather was wonderfully accurate! I did the one question reading, & did not tell her anything about me. Her response blew me away because it was 100% accurate. I am so excited to have found a true psychic & will be booking a full reading soon with her! Thank you so much, Heather!


Patricia Morris
Psychic Questions

Heather is a fantastic teacher & mentor. She has such an incredible & soothing Energy. I found her during dark days & she has brought nothing but light. I am richer for knowing her & the VIP Soul Tribe she has brought into being.


Michelle Savard
VIP, Spiritual Advising

Heather was able to connect me with my brother & gave me answers that I’ve been desperately needing. I’m overwhelmed with Peace & relief! Thank you, Heather!


Chelsea Tate
Mediumship Reading

I LOVED my session with Heather Corbet & connection with my dad, Guardian Angel, & others. Heather is where I am recommending all my fellow “psychic friends” to get their personal readings!


Holly Holfeltz
Mediumship reading, Spiritual Advising

This was my first experience meeting with a Spiritual Advisor. I felt very comfortable within seconds when I sat down with Heather for my session. There were a lot of emotions during the session. At the end, I felt more at ease & so much more aware. I will be seeing Heather again no doubt about that.


Agnieszka AJW
Spiritual Advising

Heather is a grounded, energetic, & supportive Spirit. She brings her humorous & authentic self into every class she teaches & with every reading she gives. Heather makes Spirituality a fun & enlightening topic to learn & experience.


Tabor Kluza
VIP, Spiritual Advising, Brainspotting, Mediumship Courses

Heather’s Mediumship sessions are wonderful! She is really great with communicating with passed Loved Ones & delivering their messages. I have received so much comfort & confirmation from my guides & pass Loved Ones. We also did a past life session where she tapped into moments from my past lives that affect me now. We were able to clear those emotions & cords and I honestly felt an immediate release. I have also noticed my Spiritual gifts opening & I am better able to hear and feel Spirit! Heather also has such a warm, happy & beautiful energy. I immediately felt comfortable during our first session.


Breya Jones
VIP, Spiritual Advising, Mediumship, Past Life Healing

My session with Heather was amazing! Within the first 2 minutes of sitting down with her, she said, “Oh, you’re having some jaw issues right here.” There is no way that she could have possibly known that I was suffering from TMJ disorder in my left jaw, yet she pinpointed this right away. She cleared the energy & I felt so much better after our session! The rest of the session was incredible as well. I was impressed! She’s the Real Deal! I can’t wait to see her again! Thanks, Heather!


Sara Moody
VIP, Medical Intuition, Spiritual Advising with self & child

My mom & I have seen Heather four separate times & each time is equally amazing & eye opening. She has given us a life changing gift of connecting us with my younger brother who passed away suddenly last year. Each time we go, we learn something new & she has been huge in my healing & grieving. In addition to her gifts, she has such a friendly personality. When we met her, we both felt like we were visiting an old friend. Thank you, Heather, for being you & using your gifts to help others. I appreciate you so much! See you again someday soon.


Brittney Ash
Mediumship Readings

The psychic reading, I had with Heather was everything I needed & more. My Soul felt absolutely validated & understood. The information that she gathered from my guides was life changing & unforgettable. I feel so grateful that I was able to have this experience & would recommend her services to anyone seeking Spiritual support.


Jenny Nowak
Psychic Session, Spiritual Advising

I was feeling stuck in my mind & feeling heavy in my chest. I trust Heather’s energy & gifts so much & decided to book my 2nd Brainspotting session. She held space for me in the most powerful way. I was able to release what was stuck in my subconscious mind & what was being manifested in my physical body through pain & tension. My body found relaxation. As the session progressed, I felt happy feelings, a sense of expansion in my chest, & more energized. I was really open to receive healing & that was exactly what happened. I am so grateful for Heather.


Glorymar Gonzalez
VIP, Mediumship, Brainspotting

Something told me to book a reading with Heather. I am very open to this kind of work & Heather’s abilities blew me away. I walked away feeling like I was really talking to my father. I would 100% recommend Heather! Thank you so much.


Emma Bogin
Mediumship Reading

This was an amazing experience to have a reading with Heather. We also had a reading done for my mom for our birthdays. This was a powerful & healing experience. She was spot on! Heather’s energy is incredible & my mom & I both felt at ease & at peace. Thank you, Heather, for bringing my dad back, if only for a short time.


Carmen Rake-Sperle
Mediumship Reading

I am giving lots of love to Heather Corbet. For the last 12 months, I have been facing big things, including facing fears. I have been growing my career, moving & dreaming. Most of all, I have been expanding my Spirituality. Heather has helped keep me in flow, helped me maintain my strength, & is a master at clearing haze from my mind. She has also assisted me to remain open & to hone my manifesting skills. There are too many examples to mention! If you have any projects or hopes for outcomes, schedule a session with Heather today! You will be very happy you did!


Heather Nill
VIP, Spiritual Advising

As soon as I entered the room with Heather, I could feel her positive energy. She is a sweet & gentle soul with powerful insight & connections. She was spot on! She confirmed many questions I had, gave me great guidance, & encouraged me to go forth on my path! She even connected with my dad & revealed a few things only he could know. I was relieved & impressed. I highly recommend Heather!!!


Erica A.
Psychic & Mediumship Reading