Epic Heighten Your Spiritual Connection 2023 Retreat!

Dear Spiritual Seeker,

Are you ready for the Epic 2023 Spiritual Retreats? Join other Spiritual Seekers on the Epic retreat to Amplify your Spiritual Gifts even more. An extra day has been added from previous retreats to ensure integration & alignment with Spirit's Energies.  Join me as I guide you to step more into your Authentic Self, Enhance your Skills, & Align to your Spiritual Path. 

I have a few questions for you!

  • Have you been searching for a Spiritual Retreat to increase your Intuition & Enhance your Spiritual Gifts? 
  • Have you been seeking an epic adventure of Self-Development & Aligning more fully to your Life Path?
  • Are you Looking for a Spiritual Tribe to share your Thoughts & Insights with?
  • Wondering what your Next Step is on your Spiritual Path?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, you have come to the right place! Huge kudos to you for following your Intuition to this page! Over the past 20 years,  through my own Spiritual Journey, I have done extensive research, explored multiple Spiritual modalities, & have taught hundreds of Spiritual Seekers to utilize their gifts at a Higher Level. It has been a fascinating journey witnessing an abundance of Spiritual Seekers achieve a deeper connection through their own Self-Discovery to Align to their Spiritual Path.

Are you ready to Align to your Spiritual Path? Are you ready to Amplify your Spiritual gifts? Are you ready to connect with other Spiritual Seekers at a deeper level?

Are you ready to LEAP? Then let's do this!

VIPs! Remember your discount code.

VIPs, remember your discount code!
Join us in Wisconsin on May 23-28
Join us in Sedona on August 1-6
Join us Online on March 23-25