Epic Heighten Your Spiritual Connection 2023 Retreat Online!

November 10 - 12, 2023 

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Are you ready for the Epic 2023 Spiritual Retreat Online? 
Join other Spiritual Seekers on this Epic retreat to Amplify your Spiritual Gifts even more.
Join me as I guide you to step more into your Authentic Self, Enhance your Skills, & Align to your Spiritual Path.

I have a few questions for you!

  • Have you been searching for a Spiritual Retreat to increase your Intuition & Enhance your Spiritual Gifts? 
  • Have you been seeking an epic adventure of Self-Development & Aligning more fully to your Life Path?
  • Are you Looking for a Spiritual Tribe to share your Thoughts & Insights with?
  • Wondering what your Next Step is on your Spiritual Path?


If you answered YES to any of these questions, you have come to the right place!

Huge kudos to you for following your Intuition to this page! Over the past 20 years,  through my own Spiritual Journey, I have done extensive research, explored multiple Spiritual modalities, & have taught hundreds of Spiritual Seekers to utilize their gifts at a Higher Level. It has been a fascinating journey witnessing an abundance of Spiritual Seekers achieve a deeper connection through their own Self-Discovery to Align to their Spiritual Path.

Are you ready to Align to your Spiritual Path? Are you ready to Amplify your Spiritual gifts? Are you ready to connect with other Spiritual Seekers at a deeper level?

Are you ready to LEAP? Then let's do this!

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I am delighted to extend my knowledge & this Retreat opportunity for you to really delve in. I want you to be able to KNOW YOURSELF even more on multiple levels. I want you to Enhance your Spiritual Gifts, Feel comfortable in your own skin, & Feel Aligned to your Life Path. We will explore what works for YOU to obtain information from Spirit.

It has been Such an Honor to guide so many Spiritual Seekers on their Path & to witness a plethora of Gifted People such as yourself Expand even MORE into their Spiritual Skills. From my experience, it is most beneficial to be in the presence of your teacher & other Spiritual Seekers to truly enhance your gifts to a powerful level. With this encouragement, support, & being with the Spiritual energies of others, you can truly step into your Spiritual Self.

Join the Retreat with Full Payment
Join us now by 2 Payments

Curious what our Spiritual days entail?

Join us Daily 10am-5pm Central

First Day - Join us on the First day for the Opening Gathering & Ceremonies. Allow yourself to begin your Spiritual journey with release & intention. We will cover Releasing & Healing at a deeper level in order to assist with obtaining the Clarity necessary to connect with Spirit. I am elated to walk along with you on your Journey of Healing. There will be breakout sessions to really delve in. Join me in one-on-one portions of this day to move through what is necessary for you to Align to your Path at a Higher Level. Clearing modalities include reflective inquiry, Brainspotting, Emotional Clearing Technique, & supportive empathic space.

 Second day - sessions & activities will target Advanced Mediumship skills to assist you with honing your gifts to connect with Spirit. Advanced Mediumship skills include connecting with Angels, Guides, Masters, & Loved Ones in Spirit. Have you been curious how to channel? Wondering who your Spirit Team is & how to communicate with them? This is your Day! We will connect you with your Spirit Team & assist you with communicating with them. This day also includes Spirit Circles to further apply your Spiritual Skills.

Third day - sessions & activities target moving through the time/space continuums in order to assist you with tapping into others’ energies, learning Past & Future lives work, & allowing for psychic skills to flourish. Have you wondered how to go back in time? Curious as to how to stretch or lessen time in your day? Wonder if you are astral projecting or do you want to learn how? This day we will be navigating the ethers & teaching you how to go there! Saturday evening join us for the Closing Ceremony as we wrap up the Spiritual Online Retreat.

I am so honored to welcome you wherever you are on your Spiritual Journey, knowing that you will enhance your skills in your Divine Timing. All levels are welcome! Join other Spiritual Seekers as they step more fully into their Spiritual Journey & recognize that within the presence of others, you exchange Spiritual Gifts!

Are YOU Ready to be in High Vibe Energy?

Are YOU Ready for Life Transformation?

Are YOU Ready to Embrace your Spiritual Journey at a Higher level?

re YOU Ready to Enhance your Intuition so you know what to expect in your daily life?
Join the Retreat with Full Payment
Join us now by 2 Payments

I am So excited to see you & guide you on your Spiritual Journey. With this Retreat, your Spiritual & Intuition skills will Heighten exponentially & you will feel much more Aligned to your Life Path.

It has been an absolute honor teaching, holding space for, & witnessing other Retreaters move fully into their Gifts. I am so elated & honored to teach YOU, hold space for YOU, & Witness YOU stepping into YOUR Spiritual gifts.

Once you book, I'll add you to the Online Retreat Facebook group to coordinate your travel with other Retreaters! Please reach out with any questions. Sending Blessings to you as you prepare for the Epic Retreat.

See you virtually!

Much Light, Love, & Blessings,

Psychology, B.A., Master's OTR/L,
Medium & Spiritual Advisor, Reiki Master Teacher, 
Certified Brainspotting Consultant