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Have you heard or felt messages from the Spiritual Realm? Have you seen Spirit or had a lucid dream involving Spirit? Do you ever experience chills?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you are utilizing your Spiritual Senses, also known as the “Clairs.” Clair merely means “Clear.” There are Clairs that coincide with each of our 5 senses which assist you with communicating with The Spiritual Realm. So, you use your visual sense to see. In order to see Spirit, you use your Spiritual Sense of “Clairvoyance,” which means Clear Seeing. Another example is using your auditory system to hear. When hearing Spirit, you use your “Clairaudience,” also known as Clear Hearing.

It is truly amazing for me to witness my Spiritual Advising & Mediumship Students as they discover their Clairs. These beautiful souls are often surprised to discover that they have been sensing Spirit for many years & didn’t realize how this was happening! I love to witness also as they hone the Clairs they didn’t think they had. Yes! It is possible to learn & utilize all the Clairs!

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The Clairs are the bridge to knowing & understanding Spirit. With this course, I guide you to experience each Clair & help you to discover how You experience Spirit. Each of us are unique with our gifts & you may have various levels within each Clair. With this knowledge, then you can actively utilize the Clairs to obtain more information from Spirit.

Within this course, allow yourself to participate in the exercises to increase your awareness & develop your Clairs on a higher level. Feel free to utilize these exercises frequently to increase your sensitivity to Spirit’s communication. Also participate in how to discern various energies within your daily life & within the Spiritual Realm.

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As you develop your Clairs & learn how to hone these energies, you may also recognize that you are able to tap into the energies of your family & friends. Yes! This course has a multitude of uses & learning these tools can help you to better understand those around you. How amazing is that?? Allow yourself to strengthen your Spiritual skills, communicate with Spirit & also pick up on the energies of those around you!

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