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Protection Techniques

Have you heard of Protection Techniques? Are you an Empath? Are you a Clairsentient?

You may be wondering, What is an Empath? What is a Clairsentient? An Empath can take on others’ energies including emotions, mood, or the other person’s story. A Clairsentient feels Spirit energies, yet may not be able to discern if these are from Spirit or from themselves.

So, are you an Empath? If so, you may have been picking up on others’ energies & feelings for years! More than likely you are an emotional sponge. More than likely you have a kind heart & you just want to help. Yet, as an Empath, you have a choice. You don’t need to be “on” or assisting all the time.

Often, Empaths are also Clairsentients & vice versa. As a Clairsentient, you may be confused as to what is you & what is Spirit. You may not be aware that Spirit is very present in your life because you aren’t able to recognize the subtle differences between you & Spirit.

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So, you may be picking up on others’ energies or feelings without realizing it! Some of my Spiritual Advising Students will report that they may feel perfectly fine, & when in the presence of someone else, they instantly get angry or anxious. More than likely, they are picking up on that person’s emotional field.

Do you ever get drained after shopping at the grocery store? Do you ever feel anxious in restaurants or shopping malls? Here again, you may be absorbing others’ energies & feelings. With Protection Techniques, you can enjoy your time out & about. You can enjoy your interactions with others without feeling anxious or irritated.

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Within this course, you will learn 7 different Protection Techniques, also known as Discernment Techniques, utilizing guided visualizations to elicit an energetic shift within yourself. Students who have utilized this course have reported increased calm, relaxation, & a grounding effect. In essence, this shift allows you to come back into your body & to know your own energies. It is a type of boundary setting that assists you to gain the Clarity you need.

So, rather than feeling overwhelmed or confused, allow yourself to feel calm & at peace. Allow yourself to know what energies are your own. Allow yourself to relax into your body. Allow yourself to recognize that with Protection Techniques, you can be sure that your cup is full & you have the energy you need. With this increased energy & calm, you can glean the necessary insights you desire.

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