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In this ONE DAY LIVE CLASS, Receive all 3 Parts of Mediumship & Intuition. 

Classes are conducted online or in person
(Stoughton, WI).

July 7th

October 14th

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Join Me In Mediumship & Intuitive Classes!

  • Have you had Intuitive Hits or have "just known?" 
  • Do your ears ring, do you hear whispers, or thoughts not your own? 
  • Have you seen orbs, flashes or had lucid dreaming?
  • Have you felt a touch on your arm or a tug at your hair from no known physical source?
  • Do you feel emotions or medical conditions of others?

If you answered "Yes" to any of these questions, then you have Spiritual Gifts! Unsure if you've experienced these? No worries! Through this series, learn how to facilitate & use Your Spiritual Gifts to Connect  with Spirit & amplify your Intuition. Upon completion receive Mediumship & Intuition Certification. 

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Dear Spiritual Seeker,

I believe in Synchronicity & feel our paths crossed for a reason. Congratulations on following your Intuition & arriving here in Divine Timing! I believe in YOU! I believe your Spiritual Skills can be Heightened so you have more clarity with Spirit & Higher Consciousness communication. 

Grab the recorded Mediumship class or join me LIVE in person or via your computer/Zoom!

Join me Live to fully Enhance Your Spiritual Senses with Activation Guided Meditations to meet your Spirit Spirit Team. Learn how to Integrate Higher Spiritual Communication & Intuitive Wisdom. Check out the full day Mediumship & Intuition Class has for you!

Join the Mediumship & Intuition LIVE Class

Part 1 Mediumship & Intuitive Class:

All Parts are in one LIVE CLASS! In Part 1, we start this Spiritual Journey with helping you to Discern what is Yours & what is Others. A lot of us on this Spiritual Journey are Empaths. We can FEEL others' energies, emotions, & moods. With this incredible Gift of Empathy, we are also most likely picking up Spirit's Energies. So, we need to know how to discern the difference. Through Protection/Discernment Techniques, I guide you through exercises to allow for increased understanding of Knowing this Difference.  

We then delve into Discovering Your Spiritual Gifts. Your Spiritual Senses are also known as "Clairs." This is how you are taking in information from Spirit. Through experiential & interactive activities, I assist you with knowing your Spiritual Gifts, learning how to use them, & also experiencing Energies of Spirit. 

Another portion of Part 1 Mediumship & Intuitive Class is to learn The Elements. These are Spiritual Tools that assist you with knowing how to resonate with Spirit & Your Intuition at the Highest Possible Level. The Elements allow us to amplify our connection with Spirit. Also, I will guide you through which Elements Your Loved Ones in Spirit resonate with. Yes! Spirit also has preferences for certain Elements.

Through the Activation Guided Meditation, you will meet your Spirit Animal, A Loved One in Spirit, & Your Main Guide. Your Main Guide has been with you since birth & has been guiding you throughout your life. The strong voice or impulse to take action you may have experienced is Your Main Guide. Your Main Guide knows your hopes, dreams, & desires & only wants the best for you. 

Knowing your Main Guide & also learning how to utilize these powerful tools of Protection/Discernment Techniques, The Clairs, & The Elements, further assists you to have increased Clarity & Connection to Spirit.

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Part 2 Mediumship & Intuitive Class:

All Parts are in one LIVE CLASS! In Part 2, as you build on your Spiritual Gifts, you will recognize your own senses will amplify exponentially. This is because you are moving into a higher vibration & are able to connect with Spirit & your Intuition with increased ease. 

For the next phase of your Spiritual Journey, Part 2 Mediumship & Intuitive Class will introduce you to your Heightened Clairs. These are Clairs at a higher vibration & are now more accessible to you. In this class, learn what your Heighten Clairs are, how to utilize them, & how to pick up Spiritual & Intuitive information with your gifts. 

Another important part of your Spiritual Journey is learning how to use modalities for increased Spiritual Communication. These are important tools to assist you as a bridge into the Spiritual World. Allow yourself to learn how to Pendulum & to perform Automatic Writing in order to receive pertinent Spiritual Information. Also, learn how to "read objects" through Psychometry. Learning Psychometry allows you to feel the Energies of objects & people. This valuable tool assists with your Psychic Skills. 

Through the Activation Guided Meditation in Part 2, you will meet your Guardian Angel & your Joy Guide. Your Guardian Angel has been with you throughout your life & has stepped in at the most opportune times. Your Guardian Angel keeps you safe & offers you Unconditional Love. Your Joy Guide allows for you to be in Higher Vibration emotions in order to access Spirit's knowledge. Once you are Activated to your Joy Guide, you can call on them anytime to elevate you. 

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Part 3 Mediumship & Intuitive Class:

All Parts are in one LIVE CLASS! In Part 3, are you ready to learn Medical Intuition? Do you sense when others are not feeling well? In this final class of the 3-part series, learn more about Clairtacilus, or the ability to pick up on medical conditions. Learn to use Clairtacilus & hone in on your "Emotional Radar" to learn discernment & how you pick up on others.

Also in Part 3, learn how to read & evaluate Auras. Your Auric Layers give a plethora of information about medical conditions. Learning how to read Auras further assists you to obtain necessary medical information on a Physical, Emotional, Mental, & Spiritual Level. 

Through Activation Meditation, meet your Dr. Guide & learn how to call on them to assist you with medical information. Your Dr. Guide can assist you to scan the body systems & to bring forward remedies to assist the Healing process.  

Receive Mediumship & Intuition assignments to perform on your own & Join us for follow up Mediumship & Intuition Q & A Zoom call weeks after the Mediumship & Intuition class. Upon completion of Mediumship & Intuition course, receive Mediumship & Intuition Certification.

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Much Light, Love, & Blessings,

Psychology, B.A., Master's OTR/L
Medium & Spiritual Advisor, Reiki Master Teacher,
Certified Brainspotting Consultant

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