Your Life Path

Jan 24, 2021

Do you wonder about your Life purpose? Have you felt unaligned? 

If so, I get it. With these Energetic changes, planetary changes, & circumstantial changes, it can be easy to feel a dissonance. It can be easy to feel lost.

In this video, join me for Angelic channeling, Sound bowl, & Insights for Aligning to your Life purpose.

As the Celestial Beings stepped forward they said simply, “We are Allowing you to step onto your path. Allowing you to fully align to you. All we ask is for you to be uniquely you.”

 Allow yourself to Align. Enjoy this YouTube video (like & subscribe 😉) & delve into even more Insights below in this email. 

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Here’s the deal. You have everything it takes. Whatever you want, it is completely 100% yours. There is so much more for you. It is time for you to witness you have what you need for your dreams to come true. 

Spirit has been LOUD with me lately to MOVE FORWARD. They have dropped in these nuggets of wisdom that have been propelling me forward. I want to share them with you. 

“That’s a Waste of Time.”

As I pondered a circumstance the other day, I received a powerful Insight from Spirit. I simply heard, “That’s a waste of time.” This startled me. Spirit called me on it. Absolutely, this was a waste of time. Those particular thoughts were leading me nowhere. They were a distraction & were not aligning me to my life purpose. 

“Perhaps you are Incubating.”

There are times that you may feel you are idle, or are not being productive. When I was feeling this recently, Spirit said, “Perhaps, you are actually incubating.” Again, this startled me. So, perhaps you are actually preparing. Perhaps you need this down time to rejuvenate. During these times, know that there is something a lot bigger up around the bend. 

“Look at YOUR Life path & Live it.”

Another Insight that has come through is to Put the Blinders on. If I am comparing to others, that’s a distraction as well. If you are here reading this, you have a BIG Life purpose. There are many things to do in this lifetime & we need YOU to do it. That’s why we need you to wear the Blinders. Look at your Life Path & Live it.   

“It's Time to Reach Your Highest Potential"

What are you wanting to do? What do you want to do with it? A huge part of my journey is to assist people to reach their highest potential & to be who they truly are. It is time for you to truly step into who you are. 

I encourage you to step into you. Step into your path. Step into what you want to do. Do What you were meant to do.

Sending so Many Blessings, Light, & Love to you,

Heather Corbet, Psychology, B.A., Master's OTR/L, Medium & Spiritual Advisor, Reiki Master Teacher, Certified Brainspotting Practitioner 

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