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divine timing medium spirit spiritual vip Feb 10, 2021

How often do you surrender to Divine Timing of what Is?


     The other day I was wide awake at 4:30am. I debated if I should wake up. There was something pushing me. An incredible surge of ideas was just at the surface. I felt I had to take action immediately. Yet, I wondered if I would I be exhausted for the remainder of the day.


     In the pitch blackness of my room, I picked up my pendulum to see if indeed, it was time to get up. I could feel the oscillation of pendulum swing to my familiar. It swung to my Yes. Spirit had a plan for me. I was meant to get out of bed. I was meant to allow for this surge of ideas to move into action. 


     I had been asking Spirit how to be efficient with time. So, with getting up at 4:30am, I had plenty of time, right? But, my thoughts went to, “What if a crash?” “What if I need a nap?” “What if I get sluggish in the afternoon?” Then what?

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     Well, in that moment in the dark, following Spirit’s direction to get out of bed, I honestly felt refreshed & ready to go. I was surprised by my energy level & decided to give this day to Spirit. If Spirit was getting me up at 4:30am, then I would use the time wisely.


     I surrendered the day to Spirit & I heard, “You know we’ll help you.” It’s interesting to write that now in this moment & witness how my muscle tension relaxes. Spirit truly does support us in all times.         


     Spirit told me I was in a certain timeline & that this timeline helps to create, manifest & be productive. At the same time, it wasn’t easy, as my thoughts wanted to creep in & contradict these feelings of surrender. My thoughts questioned, “Could it really be That Easy?”


     As that day unfolded, I journaled & did my automatic writing. Spirit brought forward that everything is Divine Timing. Looking through the lens of Divine Timing saves you time. When you are in that timeline with the Divine, everything falls into place exactly how it should & exactly when it should. In Divine Timing, you are completely in sync.


     Spirit has proven this to me time & time again, even when I question. Just witness for yourself. Witness yourself as you tell yourself that all is in Divine Timing. Witness when you surrender into the knowing that everything falls into place exactly how & when it should. Allow yourself to feel in sync. Can you begin to feel your Alignment in this timeline?


     So, back to the day I woke up at 4:30am. It was great inspiration from Spirit, yet I knew I tend to dip or go into thought spirals if I’m over tired. So, anytime I would start dipping, I would say, “Please help me, Spirit,” & they would come right in. I stepped into the Knowing of Divine Timing. I would remember that everything was happening how it should & when it should.


     That day turned out phenomenal. It was beautiful to see how much I got done. It was beautiful to witness how quickly & efficiently Spirit assisted me. All because I aligned to Diving Timing.


      I encourage you to ask Spirit for assistance & to look at things with Divine Timing. I encourage you to witness yourself in sync with Spirit, in sync with Divine Timing, & in sync with your Life path. 


      Allow yourself to be in Alignment with Spirit & with Divine Timing of all things. Allow yourself to witness how everything falls into place exactly how it should & when it should. 


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          Sending so Many Blessings, Light, & Love to you,

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