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your soul essence Feb 16, 2022

Spirit has a funny way of nudging me to educate others. Sometimes they bring in themes throughout my readings. Other times they wake me up at 3am to write down important information. Still other times, they urge me to write & allow the cascade of words to describe the next necessary topic to bring forward.

Recently, I was reflecting back on terms that Spirit has brought in over the years. Words & definitions such as an Exact Empath, Pure Partners, or the Multi-generational Collective Consciousness. Several years ago, the term “Golden Children” kept coming up in readings. I searched the literature, researched websites, & asked other Intuitives if they had gotten this term. As I continued the mediumship readings with my clients, more definitions came in. “Golden Children” were the next wave of gifted children who were often born to gifted parents. Spirit urged me to share with as many as possible who “Golden Children” were… &, I didn’t.

Rather than sharing at a collective level, I waited to see if anyone else had the information. Over the course of several years, the literature started seeping out about “Golden Children.” Others had gotten the information & others had shared. With this collective, I added to the literature through the VIP course about “Star Children,” sharing how the Goldens are often gifted to Crystals or even Rainbow Parents to further facilitate the evolution of our planet.

Yet, Spirit gave me this information about Golden Children to share immediately, & I didn’t. Spirit will share necessary education in any format possible & they always give “second chances.” So, when the term “Your Soul Essence” started forming in my consciousness, I knew Spirit was giving me a “second chance.” Through my automatic writing, there was a flow of insightful words & symbols. Spirit showed me infinity symbols through the chakras, connection to our Soul Star Chakra, & outlined the succession of Your Soul Essence.

The clincher came in while I was standing in an airport security line. All of the sudden, through my higher consciousness, there was a hurried rush of Spirit’s insights outlining the characteristics, descriptions, & types of Your Soul Essence. They showed me that there are groups of Your Soul Essences. They showed me that we as Healers are necessary to assist in the evolution of other Healers. They even started formulating a category of Your “Twin Soul” Essence when I was startled from this stream of consciousness as airport security inquired, “Your license & ticket please, ma’am.”

Looking into the eyes of this gentleman, it felt that we had met before. He acknowledged this on some level as he nodded. Then directed me to the next line. As I looked at everyone in the airport security lines, Spirit showed me each Soul Essence connecting to each Soul Star Chakra. Then directed me back to the lines & how there were groups of Soul Essences. Bustling through the airport security, I asked Spirit to “hold that thought” & give me space & time to commune further with them later.

As my son & I approached our gate, the flight information screen shifted suddenly. In a second, the screen announced that our flight was delayed 2 hours. Thank you, Spirit. This was our communing time. As my son & I settled into a nearby food court, Spirit’s rush of hurried energy scrawled across pages upon pages of prolific education, outlining Your Soul Essence. I was in awe as they described the life purpose, the life path formulas, & life lesson details of Your Soul Essence.

Your Soul is who you are at your core & will always exist. Your Essence is at its purest form & is based on your etheric template body. With this combination, you can better understand your purpose & your truth. It is time to dive into your own Soul & find your own truth. What calls to your heart? What moves your Spirit? This is the song of your Essence.

With this knowledge, I knew Your Soul Essence was my “second chance” & this Spiritual education was necessary to bring forward. Two months have passed & I continue to receive Your Soul Essence information daily in my automatic writing. Spirit says it is time for the reveal. Spirit says it is time to share how to connect with Your Soul Essence. So, I oblige & I am elated to share the next VIP course, Your Soul Essence, to be launched Thursday, February 24th, 2022. I am humbled & in awe to share this with you & nearly 100 other VIP Spiritual Seekers for this prolific course. It would be wonderful to have you. Your Soul Essence is wanting to connect.

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