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Authenticity is more than just being true to oneself; it's a revolutionary act of self-love. It's about shedding societal expectations & embracing the uniqueness that makes you unique.

I hope you had a wonderful start to your year. Looking ahead, this year feels full of possibility. As you look ahead, I hope you recognize that with possibilty, there is great importance in being your Authentic self. Scroll below for a video & ideas on this topic.

As you plan & embrace 2024, I hope you make commitment to put yourself first. I hope you allow yourself the journey of self-discovery & self-expression, where your true essence becomes your guiding light.

As you've moved thru life, you may have changed based on opinions of others. Or, you may have lost yourself as you've shaped yourself for those around you.

Many of us have shifted away from who we are truly meant to be. With our own survival mechanisms, this is understandable. Yet, you came to this Earth for a higher purpose. You deserve to cultivate who you are as a human being.

Recently, as I grappled with sharing my gifts & being my Authentic Self, Spirit said simply, "That's Ego too." As I inquired further, I heard, "People need you. If you don't share yourself, this is Ego too."

This really hit home. My heart calls to serve. My Soul wants to assist people in their Healing. If I don't align with how I am meant to serve, then others won't receive what I have to give.

This goes for you also. Others need you. Others are seeking for the gifts of your Authentic Self. Your Soul is calling you. Allow yourself to align fully to YOU & the gifts you have to give.

As you step into this new chapter, I hope you commit to stepping into Your Authentic Self. I hope you commit to aligning to who you truly are & who you're meant to be. I hope you witness your victories & embrace your journey of self-discovery.

Here are some ways to Cultivate your Authentic Self:

  1. Live by Your Values: Identify your Core Values & commit to living & working according to them.
  2. Identify the Gap: Is there a gap between who you are now & who you want to be? Identify these gaps by writing a list of who you know you can be & see how closely these words reflect you.
  3. Walk in Integrity: Allow yourself to align to your inner compass. Intuitively you know when something is right or wrong. Follow this.

- Adapted from MindTools

May 2024 be Your Year of Self-love, Self-discovery, & being Your Authentic Self. You are enough just as you are.

Create a life that resonates with the authenticity within.


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