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I remember when it happened, when I broke my ribs. It was during a solo mountain bike ride 10 years ago. My shoes were clipped into the pedals to ensure efficiency. Typically, it is easy to clip out. Unfortunately, that day, it wasn’t. As I saw the rut up ahead which would pull me into the creek, I frantically unclipped & only my Left foot came out. My Right foot stayed clipped in & within seconds, my front bike tire was sucked into the rut. I couldn’t stop my momentum & as I saw a large fallen tree across the creek, I knew my fate. Sure enough, my body turned & I finally stopped as my ribs crashed into the tree. I felt my ribs crack, but couldn’t believe it could be “that bad.” I biked home & took myself to the doctor. They gave me a rib brace & told me to use it “sparingly,” & that ribs usually “heal themselves.” Not in my case.

I continued my endurance athleticism, with pain relievers & chiropractor appointments. Rather than getting better though, my injury got worse, steadily worse. Doctors were baffled & did the best they could. Following cortisone shots, a-stim (scraping of scar tissue), physical therapy, & anti-inflammatory medication, I still lived with chronic pain. One orthopedic doctor said he was so stumped by my injury as an x-ray showed that my rib was resting on my lung & that he wanted to send me to the Mayo Clinic. I wasn’t ready for the Mayo Clinic.

 I vowed there was another way. As I delved deeper into Mediumship & Spirituality, I started to recognize that my injury had an underlying meaning. I realized that my injury wasn’t healing because of years of emotional buildup & that I had ownership of my Healing Journey. This is when I discovered Reiki Energy Healing. As I took Reiki 1, I figured I had tried everything to no avail. Here was something that may expedite my healing process.

After the Reiki class, I noticed my symptoms begin to subside. The pain & inflammation seemed to lessen & I started weaning myself off of medications. Living with chronic pain is no easy feat & I worried that I would “go back” to the pain, even though I was feeling better & better. As I healed, emotions & my psychological patterns surfaced. I realized that I pushed myself within endurance athleticism, within schooling, & within Life, for approval.

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As I went through the Healing Process, I vowed that my Life was not a Life meant to seek approval. This was a Life for sharing what I discovered with others. This was a Life for sharing the wealth. This was a Life of proving that we indeed can “Heal Thyself.”

Through my Healing Reiki journey, I have discovered & healed other ailments that needed attention. I recognized that by healing underlying issues, I was actually preventing myself from acquiring other sicknesses or dis-eases. This discovery led me to continue my Reiki Healing Energy work to Reiki 2, Reiki Master, Reiki Teacher, & Reiki Master & Teacher Holy Fire II. Through teaching, I want to share all there is to know about Healing with YOU. 

I want you to learn all there is for Healing Yourself & others. I want to give you the tools that have worked miracles in my life & process. I want you to have all you need to assist your Healing journey. I want you to be able to use your amazing Healing gifts with others to heal their lives.

Reiki Level 1 is the foundational Reiki course taught from the lineage of Master Usui, Master Takata, & Dr. Master Hyashi. In this First Level of Reiki, the student will learn about Reiki history, Hand placement, & the Meridians. The student will learn hand placements & how to perform a Chair Treatment, Standing Treatment, Reiki Boost & Classic Table Treatment. The student will participate in a Healing Reiki Meditation to cleanse the Chakras & the Level One Attunement. This Attunement aligns the student to the Reiki Healing Energy while activating the Upper Chakras, Arms, & Fingertips.

If perhaps you’ve already taken Reiki 1, I would love to teach you Reiki 2, Reiki Master, or Reiki Teacher. I would be honored to guide you on your Healing Journey & for you to assist others with their Healing through Reiki. Feel free to click through to learn more or to respond to this email if you have any questions.


Find out more about Reiki here!

Much Love, Light, & Blessings to your Healing Journey,
Heather Corbet, Medium, Spiritual Advisor, & Reiki Master Teacher

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