Perceptual Shifts

intuition mediumship perceptual shifts Feb 13, 2024

Feeling a need to change? Noticing any perceptual shifts?

Throughout our lives there are several shifts of opportunity to align us to what is truly our life path. This can further fine tune our Intuition.

Perceptual shifts can play a signficant role in improving your Intuition by expanding your awareness, broadening your perspectives & deepening your understanding of the world around you. 

"Intuition can be defined as an ability to understand immediately without concious reasoning & is sometimes explained as a "gut feeling" about the rightness or wrongness of a person, place, or situation." - National Library of Medicine.

Have you experienced Intuition? With Perceptual Shifts, you learn to Trust your Intuition. 

Often, people have difficulty trusting their intuition due to a need for social validation & external influences. Learning to trust your intuition involves self-awareness & cultivating confidence in your innate insights. As perceptions shift, intuitive trust also shifts. 

Allow yourself to shift perceptions & trust your intuition with these ideas: 

  • Validate your feelings: When you experience intuitive nudges or gut feelings, acknowledge & validate them rather than dismiss them. 
  • Seeking Feedback: Discuss your intuitive insights with trusted friends or mentors. 
  • Embrace Uncertainty: Understand that insights may not always come with clear explanation. As you learn to trust, this can lead to valuable discoveries. 

Another way to shift perception & trust intuition is to seek validation from within. Cultivate a sense of confidence in your own perceptions & insights, & trust that you have the capacity to make sound intuitive decisions.  

Ever get Eyelash glue in your eye? This was Definite Intuition to wear my glasses this day. 

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