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clairs heathercorbet mediumship spiritual spiritualcourses Aug 09, 2018

I hope you enjoyed the Amazingness of the 5 Days to Mediumship last week.

It truly is remarkable to me to witness as people open up to their Spiritual Gifts & become even more Aligned to their Life Path. I am in awe as my students step forward into their Intuition & Mediumship Skills in order to assist themselves & others.

I hope you enjoyed learning more about how to discern your energies from others during Day 1 with Protection Techniques. During Day 2 of Channeling, it was so neat to see as people opened up to utilizing the Intuition Tools. With Day 3 & the Clairs, I was truly captivated as people stepped into these Spiritual Senses. Day 4 brought us into Guided Meditation & on Day 5, we were able to meet one of our Loved Ones in Spirit. 

As we go about our day, Spirit truly does support us. Every turn, every need, every want, Spirit is there for us. With my own journey, I have needed to lean on Spirit... HARD. There have been tumultuous times, trying times, & grieving times & all I had was my Faith in Spirit.

As my own Mediumship & Intuition Skills honed, I realized that Spirit was hearing me. I realized that Spirit was attempting to communicate with me. I realized that I could sense Spirit, I could hear Spirit, & I could see Spirit. With this incredible breakthrough, I felt whole. I felt complete. I felt knowing. I felt that I was always supported.

With this newfound connection to Spirit, I realized that my Life Purpose was to share this with others. My Life purpose was to truly spread the wealth of this Profound Higher Knowledge.

Spirit has changed me. Spirit has led me. Spirit has Aligned me fully to my Life Path. I want you to experience the same. I want you to feel Whole. I want you to feel Complete. I want you to have Knowing. I want you to always feel supported. My mode of gifting this to you is through guiding you to your own Mediumship & Intuition Skills.

This can look different to each person. This can mean that you communicate with Loved Ones in Spirit. This can mean that you follow your “gut instinct.” This can mean that you get Profound Higher messages. This can mean that you know exactly what to say when someone is in crisis.

However this looks to you, I would Love to assist you to Amplify this. I would Love to assist you to Strengthen your Spiritual gifts even more. Through my Mediumship & Intuition series, my students have grown exponentially in their Spiritual Gifts.

Some have moved on into Mediumship. Some have moved into the Intuitive Realm. Some have Aligned to their Life Path & are now assisting others to do the same. Some utilize their Spiritual Gifts to live a more simple life as they just “know” how their life is unfolding.

I would Love to assist you with opening up to your Spiritual Gifts. If you already feel open, I would Love to assist you with honing your Spiritual Gifts. If you long to learn more outside your current realm, I would Love to assist you with broadening your gifts.

Join me & other Spiritual Seekers for our next Part 1 Mediumship class on Saturday, August 18th

This 4 hour Live Class will assist you with Utilizing the Protection & Discernment Techniques that work best for you. These techniques allow us to know what is “ours” & what is “theirs.”

We will delve into Knowing your “Clairs” or Spiritual Senses. Through exercises & my guidance, I will assist you to experience & amplify 9 of your Clairs. Also during this portion we will tap into various energies to further assist you with your Mediumship & Intuition.

Another portion of the class is getting to know which Elements that you & Spirit resonate best with. Knowing which Elements work best for you can increase your connection with the Spiritual Realm.

My favorite portion of the Part 1 Mediumship Course is the Activation Meditation. This Live Meditation allows you to meet your Main Guide & to activate & strengthen your Clairs. Students truly POP into their Mediumship & Intuition with this Live Meditation. 

Hurry & get into Part 1! Class size is limited to 8 people in order to allow for detailed instruction to your unique needs & abilities. The next series will begin in November!

Would Love to have you!
Sending so much Light, Love, & Blessings to you,
Heather Corbet, Medium & Spiritual Advisor, Reiki Master Teacher

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