Keeping Faith

faith gratitude leap of faith spirit supports you trust Sep 13, 2023

Having Faith is a willingness to accept uncertainty & trust in beyond what is proven. It provides hope during difficult times.

If you’re anything like me (human), there are uncertain times when having Faith takes great effort.

As my family & I witnessed several hardships in a row, including the basement flooding & receiving my 6th health diagnosis, this was opportunity for me to “lean into Faith.”

One of my doctors said within his field, he hadn’t seen someone endure as much as I have. He said, “It’s your mindset that keeps you going.”

I’ll take it. Also, Faith. I’ll take Faith too.


Despite all that’s happening, it sounds funny, but the breaking point was when my Facebook was hacked. To witness someone invading my space, clearing out 3000 contacts, & erasing, well, my life, sent me into an absolute breakdown.

Waking up to this, I broke down completely. I was on the floor, shaking, weeping, & trying to catch my breath. Thankfully, my husband stepped in, walked me to the couch, held me & helped me to Keep the Faith.

In that moment I recognized the power of Faith, support, & gratitude.

Every weekday morning in the VIP Facebook group I go Live with the Morning Buzz. That morning, I sent a video to my support staff to upload.

Full transparency, the video was me in breakdown; yet receiving support from the community I created. See the Video at the top.

With Faith, I can see the silver lining. Even so, that account is gone & I have began the rebuilding phase. Yes, that’s me, friend requesting you. Would love if you’d accept.

Faith, Gratitude & Support got me through this breaking point. Having Faith in a higher power brings solace, hope, and a sense of security. I know that Spirit has a plan.


Try these Ideas

Faith can require consistent effort & a willingness to nurture & strengthen your practice. Here are some ideas for Cultivating Faith:

  1. Regular Spiritual practice: Have a routine for spiritual practice that aligns with your beliefs.
  2. Seek inspiration: Surround yourself with sources of inspiration that reinforce your faith.
  3. Cultivate a supportive community: Engage with a community of like-minded individuals
  4. Address doubt: Doubts & questions are natural & can be explored. Seek guidance from a trusted mentor to address these.
  5. Practice gratitude: Acknowledge & appreciate the blessings & positive aspects of your life.

Faith is a personal journey, and it may evolve and change over time. With Faith we can see there is Light on the other side of what we’re going through.

P.S. Did this inspire you? Feel free to forward on to someone you feel would benefit. ✨💖

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