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It’s time to talk about YOU.

Hellllooooo Beautiful Light,
That’s right, we’re here to talk about you. YOU. All of You. We are here to talk about your Authentic self & why it’s important to be You.

We need you to step into yourself. We need you to claim who you are. We need you to recognize how much others need you.

Have you put yourself last at times? Have you lost yourself? Have you wondered who you are?

As you have ebbed & flowed in life, you may have changed yourself, simply to fit in. Or, you may have lost yourself because you didn’t want to disrupt anything.

This is understandable. We all want to be liked. We all want to do good & be good. Yet, we can’t let you lose yourself in the process. This isn’t fair to you & it isn’t fair to others. Others need to see who you are. Others need to reap the benefits of your Authentic Self.

In this YouTube video, I share my own story of moving into my Authentic Self. I share the struggles & the triumphs. I share how I lost myself. I also share how I found myself.

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I share why it’s important for YOU to find yourself. I share why it’s important for you to step into your Authentic Self. Check it out. Grab what you can.

Then make a promise to yourself that you deserve to be you. Make a promise to yourself that you are worthy to simply be… YOU.

Feel free to share this with others who you feel this may benefit. If this resonates with you, feel free to reply to this email.

Take special care & keep me updated how you are stepping into your Authentic Self.

So many Blessings on your Spiritual Journey,
Heather Corbet, Medium & Spiritual Advisor

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