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5 Days to Mediumship!

This is it! Welcome Welcome to 5 Days to Mediumship! Are you ready to partake in this epic challenge??

This Challenge is for you if you can answer YES to any of the following questions:

  • Have you have been wondering about your Spirituality for a while?
  • Do you have a Spiritual Hunger to know & learn more across a variety of Spiritual Realms? 
  • Have you had Spiritual experiences & wonder what the meaning is behind them?
  • Are you are wondering how you can have more experiences with Spirit?
  • Have you been searching for ways to access Spirit on a daily basis? 

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then KNOW that YOU are in the Right Place! Just look at this Synchronicity & Divine Timing!

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Join us for 5 Days to Mediumship as we delve into Spiritual Concepts to Enhance Your Skills.

Day #1: Get ready to Learn more about Protection Techniques! These helpful techniques assist us to discern sensations that we experience as “Ours” or someone else’s.

Day #2: Today we delve into Modalities of how to Obtain Spirit Information. There are multiple ways to glean messages from Spirit & today we will learn a few of these!

Day #3: If you have been following me for a while, more than likely you already know about the Spiritual Senses, or the “Clairs.” During Day 3, we are going to take this a step further & learn more about how to Develop Your Amazing Spiritual Gifts.

Day #4: There are times in our day that we may glean more messages from the Spiritual Realm. Let’s learn more about these moments & how to increase these messages!

Day #5: Are you ready to hear, feel, see & sense messages from your Loved Ones in Spirit? This final day we are communing with Spirit!

I am so excited to be guiding you through this amazing process of 5 Days to Mediumship & looking forward to witnessing your experiences!

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So Much Light, Love, & So Many Blessings to you!
Heather Corbet, Medium, Spiritual Advisor, & Reiki Master Teacher

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