Spiritual Mini Courses

Are you looking for a quick course to Heighten Your Spiritual Gifts??

Check out the Guided Meditations to meet your Spirit Team or Enhance your Spiritual Senses with the Clairs course,

Curious about using modalities such as Oracle Cards, Pendulum or Automatic Writing? Grab the Channeling course!

Are you an Empath or Highly Sensitive? Check out the Protection Techniques course to learn how to discern your energies from others.

Do you see orbs or flashes of Light? You may be communicating with the Angels! Check out the Archangel Master Class & Activations to enhance your Angelic skills!

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Meet Your Spirit Guides Meditations

Do you wonder who your Guardian Angel is? Are you curious about your Guides? Grab this excellent series to meet & receive messages from your Main Guide, Joy Guide, Dr. Guide, & Guardian Angel. 


Allow yourself to be swept away with Heather Corbet, Medium & Spiritual Advisor, as she leads you on 4 guided meditations journeys to meet members of your Spirit Team. Each journey allows for you Spiritual Senses to Heighten in order to sense the Spiritual Realm more readily. 


Each Meditation video spans nearly an hour which passes quickly as you are in a different time dimension. Enjoy the Reflections within the workbook to further process your experience.

See our terms of agreement for information on cancelling a course or session. 

Click Here If You Are Ready To Meet Your Spirit Team!

Clairs Course

Are you ready to amplify your Intuition with the Clairs course??

The Clairs are our Spiritual Senses that we use to experience Spirit. Have you ever heard whispers, footsteps or your ears ringing? Then you are Clairaudient? Have you had vivid dreams which came true, seen orbs or Spirit forms, or can see visions of the future? Then you are Clairvoyant!

This course allows you to enhance your Spiritual Senses at a profound level. Enjoy learning about the Clairs, which of your Clairs are the strongest, & how to strengthen your Clairs.

See our terms of agreement for information on cancelling a course or session. 

Click Here to Learn More About The Clairs Course Click Here If You Are Ready!

Channeling Course

Are you ready to amplify your Intuition with the Channeling course??

Let me guess, you have utilized your Intuition in the past. You get Intuitive Hits & act upon them (or not & find out later you probably should have). You want to hone your Intuition more. You have some understanding of using Intuition Tools, yet you are not entirely sure if you’re utilizing them correctly.

The Channeling Course was originally recorded in the VIP group! Grab this course by itself or check out VIP & grab this course & others including Psychic Skills, Synchronicity, Manifestation, & Clearing & Cleansing for nearly the same price!
See our terms of agreement for information on cancelling a course or session. 

Click Here to Learn More About The Channeling Course Click Here If You Are Ready!

Protection Techniques

Are you an Empath? Do you feel others' emotions as if they are your own? Do you feel overwhelmed in crowds? Then this Protection course is for you!!

Protection assists us to discern our own energies from others. Protection acts like Boundaries to help us know what is "ours" & what is "theirs." It assists with decreasing anxiousness & worry as you center within your own essence.

Download the Protection workbook to assist you with the Protection Techniques video.

See our terms of agreement for information on cancelling a course or session. 

Click Here For Info On The Protection Techniques Course! Click Here if You Are Ready!

Angel Masterclass

Your Guardian Angel is waiting for you. This beautiful Guardian of yours has been with you since birth & swoops in when you need him/her most. Through this Masterclass you will be CONNECTED to your Guardian Angel in order to gain ACCESS to the Higher Realms.

Through CONNECTION with your Guardian Angel, then OPEN up to ACTIVATION to Channel Archangels Michael, Haniel, & Zadkiel. These Angels are THRILLED to assist you on your Life Path.

Your Guardian Angel & these Archangels are Waiting for you. They are here to Guide you into Higher Realm connection. They are wanting to assist you to Channel them in order to Step more fully into JOY, LOVE, LETTING GO, ABUNDANCE, SUCCESS, & DREAMS COMING TRUE. 

  • Are you ready to Meet Your Guardian Angel

  • Wondering how to Channel the Angels?

  • Curious how to access messages from the Angels?

  • Are you ready to Activate to the Angels on a Higher Level?? 


Click Here If You Are Ready!

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"A dear friend referred Heather to me. I went in for my first ever Mediumship reading & was so overcome by her Love, accuracy, & generosity. I then took the next step into her Spiritual Advising group. I cannot express enough how much she has helped me through. For the last 18 years, I have lived a very difficult life. I feel like everything that could go wrong, did go wrong, from major illnesses, divorces, around 28 pills or medications a day... I was at the end of my rope. I wanted to give up. My depression was very deep. Heather has changed my & my children’s lives. I see the Joy in life again. Her guidance & support has truly been a blessing. I am so blessed to have beautiful Heather by my side through this amazing journey."

VIP Program

"I am a part of Heather Corbet’s VIp program & I cannot say enough positive things about this amazingly safe space. While being a part of this group, I have had more than one opportunity to have more individual time with Heather. She has spent time replying to each & every comment & concern I have had & guided me into a more positive light each time we talked. Before becoming a part of the VIP group, I was truly struggling with my True Self & my place in the Universe. I was having a hard time trusting in the Universe & was being way too hard on myself, pushing myself to always be perfect & do more. After joining the VIP group & reading through the workbooks that Heather provides, I was tested & pushed to my limits to really think outside of my comfort zone & look at my True Self. During our weekly Zoom calls, Heather opened my eyes to the signs I had been missing & really put my life into perspective for me, as I had been blind to so much. The group in itself is amazingly supportive, & you get an instant feeling of safety & trust in each member. Everyone, despite the fact of never meeting any of them in person, has been friendly, understanding, & offered advice when needed & support even when I wasn’t aware I needed it. Heather is extremely generous & her list of freebies on the Kajabi website were so helpful & put me on a brighter path that I was excited to continue. I cannot thank Heather enough for everything she has done for me, & continues to do on a daily basis. Her bubbly personality is warm & you cannot help but love her! She is my absolute favorite to work with! Thank you, Heather!"

Brandie Baird
VIP Student

""Heather is an Amazing healer & channel of Spirit! I love her authenticity & unconditional Love. I can feel how open her heart is towards me & how easily I am opening to myself during the healing process with her. Since I've taken the Mediumship classes, my life has not been the same. I am more in tune with myself & I am more open to hearing my intuition. I am more at peace with who I am. This class made me realize that what I thought all of my life about myself of being broke or weird or not ok, are actually my precious gifts that I need to treasure, love & develop. It literally changed my life for the better!""

Silvia Hantea
VIP Program, Mediumship Course

"Erin Stabile I have been a part of the VIP Group, spiritual advising, mediumship and Reiki courses. The VIP group has really helped to grow my spiritual abilities. We work on various areas each week, we have the support of the group and especially Heather. My life has changed in so many ways. I have a positive outlook on life, I'm excited for the future that includes spiritual gifts and helping others. No one would regret this amazing course. "

Erin Stabile
VIP Student

"When it comes to working with a spiritual counselor or choosing a psychic medium, it truly is a very personal thing. There must be a genuine level of trust & vulnerability. I immediately felt that upon meeting Heather. She makes it so easy to feel comfortable & safe during a reading. Our readings have been amazing! She was able to connect me with my Loved Ones in Spirit, such a special gift!!! During my Past Life Reading with Heather she helped me clear & heal old traumas. It was unbelievable. I felt completely safe & loved the entire time. Heather has been an absolute blessing in my life & it is an honor to know her. "

Angelica Tapia, Spiritual Life Coach
Spiritual Advisor

"I love the VIP group. It is such a supportive environment. It is so much fun to participate in the weekly Zoom meetings as we discuss each topic & Heather shares insights from Spirit. The more that we share in the group, the more we seem to amp up our gifts! "

Paulette Little
VIP Program

""I am so very blessed to have Heather Corbet as my mentor. The unconditional Love that I feel from Heather has helped me come to new understandings in myself. Since I met her, my life has transformed. She is an incredible support, & her classes have given me the confidence in my own Gifts to step forward as a Medium. She has helped me connect with Loved Ones & Spirit Guides through her visionary channeled meditations, & taught me how to continue that close connection with them." "

Annalisa Moses
Spiritual Advising

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