Protection Techniques


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Are you an Empath? Do you feel others' emotions as your own? Are you overwhelmed in crowds?

Then the Protection Course is for you!

Protection assists you to discern your energies from others. Protection acts like Boundaries to know what is "yours" & what is "theirs". It assists with decreasing anxiousness & worry as you center within your own essence.


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Ready to connect with Spirit?

The Clairs are our Spiritual Senses. Have you ever heard whispers, footsteps or your ears ringing? You are Clairaudient! Have you had vivid dreams, seen orbs or Spirit forms, or can see visions of the future? You are Clairvoyant!

This course allows you to enhance your Spiritual Senses at a profound level. Enjoy learning about the Clairs, which are strongest, & how to strengthen your Clairs.